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  • B. de Corbin's Avatar
    20 Nov 2018, 07:14
    Would you sell your genetic material for $50,000 to a government/company that wants to use some of it to create an army of super soldiers?
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  • Eleanor's Avatar
    19 Nov 2018, 12:54
    We just moved to our new home. It's way bigger than the somewhat tiny house we left. A family with two teenagers lived here before us. We don't and will not have kids, so we have the luxury of two leftover...
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  • CrowSpider's Avatar
    22 Nov 2018, 06:21
    Greetings everybody I'm CrowSpider though I normally refer to myself as LionSpider or LionSpider of Crow. I've been away from much pagan contact with the disconnect and the frustrations and intrusions...
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  • B. de Corbin's Avatar
    24 Nov 2018, 09:10
    Hypothetical situation (not really. Check the news): There is one group of indigenous people left in the world who still have autonomy, possession of their traditional land, and continue to practice their...
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  • Constantinitus's Avatar
    30 Nov 2018, 02:52
    Meditation to me seems to be incredibly difficult and "random". In my experience, one can sit for hours lost in thoughts and not meditate even for a second, whilst some other times, it just "happens"....
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  • Red Fish's Avatar
    27 Nov 2018, 10:28
    Hello! I don't really know how to label myself but I am a pagan. I have tried to avoid thinking about my experiences for a long time while believing that I am just mentally ill. I am 30 years old and I have...
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  • Bartmanhomer's Avatar
    02 Dec 2018, 12:17
    I actually join a Facebook group a few days ago called Tarot Tarot Tarot. And it was the worse Facebook group that I've been in. I told everyone that I do mind tarot reading and so many people are very closed...
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  • Celtic_'s Avatar
    25 Nov 2018, 17:35
    Title says it all, whatever your beliefs are if they include the existence of nymphs please tell me how to communicate with one, what language(s) they speak, and how to summon them If the type of nymph...
    12 replies | 244 view(s)
  • pragon's Avatar
    13 Dec 2018, 10:46
    I've gotten into a group called "The Circle of Eight Oracle". Went through mostly all of the exercises, and got myself initiated as the third oracle. I left in the past out of deep fear and anxiety. It lead me...
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  • AvalonRainne's Avatar
    27 Nov 2018, 15:54
    How many of you have people that ask you a question and interrupt you within your first three words to tell you you're wrong. Like, did you even know what I was going to say? Because your interpretation did...
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  • pragon's Avatar
    12 Dec 2018, 18:23
    Does anyone know where I can purchase some statues? They can even be figures. I'm not sure what super market to go to. I do not buy things online. It must be in person. I'm mostly looking for Egyptian figures....
    9 replies | 123 view(s)
  • SeanRave's Avatar
    04 Dec 2018, 22:27
    Found a very interesting test online that just tries to figure out where you stand on different philosophical topics: Here are my results (which are extremely accurate on how I...
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  • Calimander67's Avatar
    30 Nov 2018, 16:58
    Hi I'm new to the craft I have a couple of friends who do it with me and they're the ones who got me into it there helping to teach me and I'm also trying to discover myself as of right now I have several...
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  • B. de Corbin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:11
    In my never ending attempts to make Shakespeare funner for students, I have created a "What character are you?" quiz to introduce some of the main characters in The Tempest. I dunno if anybody is...
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  • SleepingCompass's Avatar
    13 Dec 2018, 22:03
    Does anyone have any favorite pagan podcasts they could recommend? Not looking for anything specific, just any shows that are informative and at least a little bit pagan based.
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  • pocillator86's Avatar
    16 Nov 2018, 14:55
    Hi, I hope that the admin will not punish me for a small self-advertisement ... I do a variety of things from the natural, veg-tanned leather, like belts, handbags, tiaras, masks, notebook covers and the...
    6 replies | 270 view(s)
  • Tohopka's Avatar
    28 Nov 2018, 19:16
    Well, as my title suggest, I been looking for like minded individuals for a long time. I just happened upon it earlier in the day and figured I would pursue it later to better to get to know it. Anyway, I...
    5 replies | 168 view(s)
  • anunitu's Avatar
    20 Nov 2018, 02:53
    THis brings back bad memories of the Oakland hills fire. went out side then to see jet black skies. I grew up in Oakland,California BTW - - - Updated - - - this is what i saw in San Francisco
    5 replies | 220 view(s)
  • pragon's Avatar
    13 Dec 2018, 10:53
    Can anyone please help me calm down. I don't care what your faith or religion is. Anyone know any healing, I can do? I want to ease my mind. So much crap is going on right now. Feel free to pm me. I could use...
    5 replies | 73 view(s)
  • anunitu's Avatar
    23 Nov 2018, 21:22
    anunitu started a thread iss space bugs in Science
    International Space Station infested with mysterious bugs Really weird. was bound to happen
    4 replies | 158 view(s)
  • Constantinitus's Avatar
    28 Nov 2018, 05:25
    Constantinitus started a thread New here in Introductions
    Hello, folks! Been a pagan, and been practicing various forms of "magick" for over 14 years. I am surprised I never stumbled upon this forum, but I am really glad I did. Loving the discussions! Hoping to...
    5 replies | 145 view(s)
  • pragon's Avatar
    11 Dec 2018, 08:49
    pragon started a thread Heyoka Shaman in Shamanism
    Anyone else a Heyoka Shaman?
    3 replies | 69 view(s)
  • anunitu's Avatar
    18 Nov 2018, 12:43
    Congo health workers face violence as Ebola virus spreads See story here.
    3 replies | 118 view(s)
  • anunitu's Avatar
    29 Nov 2018, 00:38
    I think most here know how much I love Stephen Colbert. Found this on youtube, Stephen being interviewed by Jon Stewart. emjoy. - - - Updated - - - I love this part of the interview,when Jon...
    2 replies | 116 view(s)
  • pragon's Avatar
    11 Dec 2018, 08:07
    I find virtual worlds to be quite helpful, while devoting yourself to a specific god/goddess. Regardless of what you believe, I've found numerous places to worship in a virtual world called "Second Life."...
    2 replies | 77 view(s)
  • B. de Corbin's Avatar
    17 Nov 2018, 07:47
    In this essay, the author speculates on the possible evolutionary basis of "shamanism." Masters of reality: The trances and healing powers of shamans are so widespread that they can be counted a human...
    1 replies | 119 view(s)
  • anunitu's Avatar
    13 Dec 2018, 05:42
    a bit of action new midrid may be coming to life again
    1 replies | 39 view(s)
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