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  • iris's Avatar
    12 Sep 2017, 02:16
    We had this thread once, but it's been dead for a while. Thought I'd try to get a new one going. So, the rules: the first person ask me a question like 'day or night?', the next answers it and asks a new one....
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  • B. de Corbin's Avatar
    12 Sep 2017, 09:12
    Maybe, maybe not. Go here and pick the bees out of a lineup: Can You Pick the Bees Out of This Insect Lineup?
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  • B. de Corbin's Avatar
    11 Sep 2017, 14:19
    Two totally innocent people, convicted without any actual evidence, of committing bizare crimes (putting babies into a wading pool filled with sharks, for example) during the great Satanic Panic of the 1980s,...
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  • darkwolf's Avatar
    10 Sep 2017, 18:46
    darkwolf started a thread Hello in Introductions
    Hello everyone. My name is Andy. I cant quite say specifically what I am except that it falls under paganism. I followed the wiccan beliefs for a little bit years ago and sort of fell out of certain aspects. I...
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  • darkwolf's Avatar
    11 Sep 2017, 16:42
    darkwolf started a thread Need answers in S.A.F.E. Zone
    Im not quite sure how to put this. I believe in many things. I am also very skeptical about things as well. I am one who usually needs to see or experience to believe. I have not been to any pagan ceremonies...
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  • B. de Corbin's Avatar
    20 Sep 2017, 06:07
    Tucker Carlson, of Fox News fame, interviews a witch about the binding spell being placed on tRump. When he asks an idiotic question about "eye of newt" she sets him straight on what is REALLY important. ...
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  • anubisa's Avatar
    22 Sep 2017, 15:56
    Ok I hope this isn't in the wrong place, if it is I am so sorry. So if you don't know what a cast iron mechanical piggy bank is, it is one of those old piggy banks that would move when a coin was placed in its...
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  • B. de Corbin's Avatar
    13 Sep 2017, 11:10
    A skeleton, found in the grave of a viking warrior (the Birka Warrior) was believed, for about 100 years, to be a male because it was surrounded by weapons and other article of a war leader. Recently,...
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  • B. de Corbin's Avatar
    20 Sep 2017, 06:22
    OK, this is a weird part of our modern world. I actually found this out when I wanted to buy Potassium Nitrate (common food preservative, but also a components in many explosive recipes) to make corned beef,...
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  • Bartmanhomer's Avatar
    28 Aug 2017, 11:45
    In case you haven't heard. Doreen Virtue converted Christianity. She used to be a tarot creator at one point. In all honesty I'm happy for her but I feel sad that she doesn't do tarot and oracle anymore. Well...
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  • monsno_leedra's Avatar
    13 Sep 2017, 01:58
    We've gotten a few new member's so I though I'd ask What does being a Pagan / pagan or witch mean to you? I use the capital Pagan to denote the religion and the small pagan to denote the general umbrella...
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  • shruti001's Avatar
    05 Sep 2017, 23:21
    shruti001 started a thread Hi in Introductions
    Hi, I am new here. Hope you all doing well.
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  • MaskedOne's Avatar
    03 Sep 2017, 17:07 Was an interesting article.
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  • anubisa's Avatar
    Today, 14:03
    All the parts that I took pictures of were the only ones that I found. I just can't seem to find a website that can instruct me on how to put that type of piggy bank together. Is there a particular type of...
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  • B. de Corbin's Avatar
    Today, 06:14
    OK - you mentioned that screws are missing, but do you know if all the other parts are there? If I were trying to reassemble it, I would find a variety of screws that match the thread size to hold it...
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  • anubisa's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:42
    I would love both, but probably my Dad's french toast. Yum! Let's see...Mercury (planet closest to the sun) or Pluto (planet, at least in my eyes, farthest from the sun).
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  • anubisa's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:40
    It's been disassembled. None of the pieces have been broken.
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