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  • ivysunday's Avatar
    28 Sep 2018, 02:11
    What is life's purpose? I have an answer from Lifechanyuan vlaues. Do you agree? What is your life purpose?:p Life unfolds from two purposes: The first purpose is to make Life happy, joyous, free, and...
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  • anubisa's Avatar
    28 Sep 2018, 21:58
    Well I went to see The Nun with my dad the other week and a trailer of Godzilla: King of Monsters previewed. I watched a lot of the old Godzilla movies when I was a little girl with my mother. Godzilla and...
    13 replies | 278 view(s)
  • anubisa's Avatar
    04 Oct 2018, 22:54
    It might be a little early to ask, but I was wondering if anyone was going to participate in Nanowrimo this year. I plan to this year though I don't know if I will be able to finish my novel in a month, I do...
    10 replies | 215 view(s)
  • anubisa's Avatar
    07 Oct 2018, 04:49
    Hey everyone, I need an opinion on this subject. So I have a co-worker who has been with my work (Sheetz) for about 2 months. She has the 3rd shift (night shift) and her shift starts at 11:00. Friday and...
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  • Bartmanhomer's Avatar
    02 Oct 2018, 17:44
    Hey everybody. I would like to discuss horrible accusations in general. Today I watch a YouTube video of a YouTuber named Protonation who happen to be a Pokémon theorist. He discussed recent accusations that...
    11 replies | 238 view(s)
  • AvalonRainne's Avatar
    21 Sep 2018, 08:52
    AvalonRainne started a thread Yoyo! :D in Introductions
    Hello everyone! I'm Ava. I was a practicing Wiccan many years ago but I ventured off into Christianity. Only to find out that Christianity, once again, is not for me. Its been a few years (since 2015)...
    9 replies | 202 view(s)
  • Macrosh's Avatar
    17 Sep 2018, 02:35
    Hello dears! I would like to speak, to tell my thoughts and observations. I am a believer, a Christian and I have the right (as they say)feelings of the believer: -) and I respect the feelings of atheists:-)...
    8 replies | 244 view(s)
  • davidsmith1989's Avatar
    17 Sep 2018, 04:04
    Hi everyone i'm David how y'all doing i'm new to this really i don't know how to get things right here if i mess up don't be mad...
    7 replies | 134 view(s)
  • Em B.'s Avatar
    01 Oct 2018, 11:58
    Em B. started a thread hullo in Introductions
    hey everyone, my name's Em and i'm pretty new to the pagan world. i've been reading blogs and asking my friends who are pagan tons of questions but i want to talk to more people about paganism and learn more.
    5 replies | 163 view(s)
  • Bartmanhomer's Avatar
    16 Sep 2018, 19:12
    I feel like that I should make a thread for know the whereabouts the Pagan Forum members who have been inactive or missing in action for quite a long time. Whatever happened to Medusa? She used to be active...
    5 replies | 122 view(s)
  • anubisa's Avatar
    02 Oct 2018, 06:09
    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has ate or heard of Lenny and Larry's cookies. I work at Sheetz and we sell them. They are really good and they are vegan cookies. You can find them on or...
    4 replies | 157 view(s)
  • oldhippie's Avatar
    17 Sep 2018, 17:48
    just a bit of an update,I was never able to get the thoughts of wearing a cross out of my mind so instead of fighting it I removed the neck ring and Thor's hammer and I have been wearing a Celtic Cross and...
    4 replies | 148 view(s)
  • Bartmanhomer's Avatar
    21 Sep 2018, 08:49
    Hello everybody. It just occurred to me that this forum is getting a lot of trolls lately. Does anyone else notice that as well?
    3 replies | 184 view(s)
  • KovuTheGirl's Avatar
    27 Sep 2018, 13:26
    So my 11-year-old sister just informed me that she can sometimes feel and see things that she's assuming are spirits. While I'm a believer of spirits, I'm having trouble believing her because she's been...
    2 replies | 78 view(s)
  • Prickly Pear's Avatar
    27 Sep 2018, 16:54
    Prickly Pear started a thread Ash in Hearth and Home
    Remember how I posted that it was still hot here, and that there were still fires? It finally cooled down and I decided to close up our evaporative cooler for the winter. This involves removing the vent...
    1 replies | 68 view(s)
  • pragon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:34
    Hello everyone. I'm new to learning about the Asatru religion (Norse/viking). Does anyone know how I can get started with it? I'd like to convert to it. I feel like it might benefit my life. Are there any...
    1 replies | 18 view(s)
  • Bartmanhomer's Avatar
    25 Sep 2018, 14:22
    I just watched the news and he was sentenced to 3-10 years in prison.
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  • Bartmanhomer's Avatar
    16 Sep 2018, 16:52
    I'm going to be the DM to run my own D&D 3.5 game. Ok the game is called The Mythical Dragon Hunt Game. I'm going to be play as Damok, Dragon Hunter, a Chaotic Good Male Human Ranger. The style will be a...
    0 replies | 62 view(s)
  • Bartmanhomer's Avatar
    15 Sep 2018, 15:04
    Hey everyone. I'm planning to play a different RPG that isn't D&D and Pathfinder. So my first thing that comes into mind is Vampire: The Masquerade. It's serious and edgy. It's sounds like my kind of game that...
    0 replies | 51 view(s)
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