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  6. Various Veterans Issues
  7. Medusa's QDJ(year of the $1 pickle!)
  8. The real reason we neglect the elderly: They frighten the hell out of us
  9. Predictions for (English) Language Evolution
  10. My ceiling caved in
  11. Bring back awesome words
  12. Trump/Madoff Comparison
  13. Testing dragon naturlly speaking.
  14. Meme
  15. I Love Everybody
  16. Time stream and movements along it
  17. I Think There's Something Wrong With Me
  18. photo
  19. Would it drive you mad?
  20. I'm In A Predicament Here
  21. Your Favorite Pagan Forum Moment
  22. SFSU Campus Employee Assaults White Sudent for Cultural Appropriation
  23. Something that makes you feel stupid...
  24. The Pre-Interview Wasn't Quite I Expected To Be
  25. How Do You Deal With Negative People
  26. New words in the dictionary Internrt slang and all
  27. Insanity workouts?
  28. For My good friend B. De.
  29. What Moral Codes do you stand by?
  30. Amazon Dash Button--AMAZING?!?!? or WTF?!?!?
  31. Personality & Aptitude Tests
  32. Well .. This just happened to me ... Wow
  33. ?Icarus?
  34. Do you read the indexed or cited references?
  35. Equality
  36. How Street Sharks Proved History is Meaningless
  37. Terminator will be taking your order.
  38. Not politically correct but interesting
  39. Measles outbreak linked to detention camp
  40. Which is worse?
  41. Royal College of Physicians recomend ecigs for tobacco harm reduction
  42. The discussion now:Should animals be in zoos?
  43. World hunger and western oppulence
  44. Calling all connoisseurs of English. Help, I Need a Word!
  45. Because Inquiring minds want to know...
  46. Ideas don't die.
  47. Contacts or glasses?
  48. Favourite seasons #2
  49. Have modern Pagan's missed the mark?
  50. What makes an item sacred?
  51. Past paradise?
  52. An encounter with Medusa?
  53. What creeps you out?
  54. Favorite kind of pet?
  55. Kiesha'ra's passing
  56. This is where greed leads...
  57. Another unarmed shooting (this time in my hometown)
  58. The temporary what are you thinking about but if it's politics can you not thread
  59. Anyone got a copy of Cunningham's 'Wicca, a guide for the solitary practitioner'?
  60. Your NON obligated resolutions for 2017
  61. Robo witness to perhaps MURDER!!
  62. Problems With Millennials
  63. Why you should NOT try and dress your pet like a human.
  64. QDJ (The year of the chicken butt!)
  65. Can someone please explain this maths question..
  66. Miracle Mornings anyone?
  67. Why should we attribute ourselves as pagans?
  68. Thank the Lord and Lady I am back.
  69. I'm Thinking That I Should Run A Tarot Contest
  70. The Male Romper Is Here, and You Can Pee in It
  71. Threat Level raised to Critical but...
  72. Blessed Summer Solstice!
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  74. What is the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?
  75. Photo Sharing
  76. Baby Names?
  77. Mike Rowe's Reply To Facebook Commenter
  78. Sitting Up With the Dead: Lost Appalachian Burial Customs
  79. San frsn cisco getting wild
  80. Things that creep you out
  81. It ain't about cakes no more...
  82. Need essential oils?
  83. Self-identity and appearance
  84. A silly little video people might enjoy or not
  85. NEW!! Twenty One Pilots Cryptic Website
  86. Corpse Flower blooming in Tucson
  87. been a while
  88. A new blog on European tradition and religion
  89. Death with dignity.
  90. American obsession with royals
  91. A NJ story for Hawk.
  92. LED Lumens To Watts Conversion Chart
  93. Racism At The Library
  94. I Went To My Very First Gay Pride Parade
  95. What do you think about cults?
  96. I'm Thinking That I'm Going To Try Online Dating
  97. Does Being Famous Important To You?
  98. next big thing
  99. YouTube channel with Occult teachings/knowledge/musick
  100. Whatever Happened To...?
  101. a bit of an update
  102. What is life's purpose?
  103. Who's your favorite movie monster?
  104. Horrible Accusations
  105. Is there anything you can do about a late co-worker?
  106. Can I harvest my Marijuana in late October/November?
  107. General Discussion: Feel free to talk about anything and everything in this????
  108. what in hell causes the pain in life?
  109. Anyone play Pokemon Go?
  110. The dark path to inlightinment.
  111. F'd up browser, some buttons not working... Help!
  112. Alignment
  113. Would you sell your genetic material...?
  114. Kill the missionary?
  115. Haunted House Or Portal?
  116. The Dichotomy Test
  117. Where to buy pagan statues?
  118. What to get that witch in your life for that holiday
  119. Anyone into Steampunk?
  120. Sometimes I Wish That I Wasn't Born With No Disability
  121. Anyone feel psychologists and psychiatrists are psychopaths?
  122. As I get older...
  123. the rise of The Transhuman Era
  124. Why I Don't Want To Be Famous On Youtube
  125. What are some good microwaveable foods?
  126. A very odd shop...
  127. I want to quit smoking
  128. Death Doulas
  129. My Opinion On Twin Flames
  130. Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Research
  131. Midwest Travelling
  132. Describe your Utopia
  133. When did vampires become sexy?
  134. What Would You Do If You Were In My Shoes?
  135. Coping Mechanisms for Anxiety, Depression, Dissociation...?
  136. QDJ (Year of the Piggly Wiggly)
  137. Is Galathach (Modern Gaulish) a waste of time? + advice or resources
  138. They Paved Paradise
  139. The absence of talents
  140. So is this really blackface?
  141. trickery and deception
  142. LA LA LA - it's all so wack-O!
  143. To smack or not to smack?
  144. Recurring Nightmares
  145. End Of The World Lines That I Heard Them All
  146. I Got Serena Williams And Venus Williams Autograph
  147. I Feel Like I Should Unfriended My Mentally Unstable Friend On Facebook
  148. Respect
  149. Objective Morality
  150. Disney Owns Just About Everything In The Entire World
  151. Death Anxiety Questionnaire
  152. Free booze... or not...
  153. I Have Few Things To Say About This Forum
  154. A true story of heroism
  155. The Horrible Truth Of Ciro Marchetti
  156. Gnosticism
  157. Disagreements
  158. Can one fail as human being?
  159. I Want To Move To Another Planet
  160. Make Internet Forums Alive Again!
  161. Mandela effect
  162. Negative Tension
  163. I'm Lonely Now
  164. I'm back
  165. Witches voice
  166. My Truth About Transgender Athletes
  167. I Got A Photo Of Me With The Neverending Story Cast: Tami Stronach Anch Noah Hathaway
  168. Linking 2 rings
  169. How I Almost Ruined The Craft Fair At My Childhood School
  170. What's the meaning behind doorway?
  171. Negative people
  172. Scam callers
  173. The Alignment Song (Parody Of The Baby Shark Song)
  174. I Won The Lottery
  175. I'm Going Through A Lot Of Baggage Right Now
  176. A Serious Life-Changing Moment Changed My Style Of Basketball Forever
  177. Mysticwicks Is Shut Down Again
  178. I'm A Cartoon Now
  179. TarotOracle
  180. I Think I Have A Crush On A Youtuber
  181. can someone please give me advice
  182. Goodbye and blessings
  183. Whatcha thinking about now? (v3)
  184. My 100,000+ Views On Youtube Milestone
  185. So Where's The Space Alien Invasion?
  186. I'm Taking A Break From Social Media For A While
  187. Nikocado Avocado Is Pregnant?! What?!
  188. What's Your Thoughts On The Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation?
  189. How are "Goddesses" used in literature?
  190. Shampoo Sham
  191. My 9/11 Story
  192. I've Been On This Forum For 5 Years
  193. My Thoughts On Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Domestic Violence Situation
  194. I'm Very Uncertain About 2021
  195. Have you ever encountered a Cryptid Creature?
  196. My Female Co-Worker Is Being Abused At My Job
  197. I Really Don't Get These Social Cues At All!
  198. Blessed yule - blessed winter solstice - blessed be the magik of the season
  199. Do you write Easter Cards?
  200. can i use this deity as my name??
  201. Where Is Everybody Anyway?
  202. My Female Friend And Her Niece Got COVID
  203. I'm A Billionaire Now
  204. Just some thoughts about...malls
  205. Beltane
  206. Unexplainable events?
  207. Unidentified Arial Phenomenon?
  208. There's Some Drama Going On In Tarot Nerds Facebook Group
  209. Why are you here?
  210. Substitute pictures to look at
  211. There Was Almost An Incident That Happened At The 7-Eleven Store
  212. What is your personal philosophy of life?
  213. Most important myth/story & why?
  214. Most dangerous myth/story & why?
  215. Tarot?
  216. Whatcha Thinking about take X
  217. I gottses cool schnitz
  218. Can Neutral People Expressed Their Opinion?
  219. My Friend On YouTube Passed Away
  220. QE2 Passed
  221. Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck YouTube Drama
  222. Barbera Walters Dead at 93
  223. My Favorite Tarot YouTuber Got Cancer
  224. I've Been More Intellectual Lately
  225. I'm Neutral About The Law Enforcement
  226. Ofttimes, Humans are weird.