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  1. Questions about Islam (Ask Away!)
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  3. Ask a Jew...
  4. Messages I'm Down With...
  5. When Jesus confronted Satan
  6. Do you know what Jesus said?
  7. why is Jesus depicted as a white man
  8. Is it a good idea to invoke Saint Michael?
  9. Is my God your God, your point of view?
  10. Is Ra El?
  11. Satan Is The God Of Jesus, according to the bible (video)
  12. metaphorical bible
  13. What would Judaism, Christianity, and Islam be without Satan?
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  15. Sources to read alongside the Pentateuch?
  16. bar mitzvah video invitations
  17. Why Suicide Bombings and the beliefs behind them
  18. The female identity in the bible.
  19. "The Land of Nod"?
  20. Christianity And Gay Marriage
  21. The symbol of the star in ancient Middle East.
  22. Cannibalism and Magic in Christianity
  23. Christian God/Gods Theories
  24. Purity Ball
  25. Happy Good Friday...
  26. The 2 Trees and Jewish Mysticism.
  27. Female Deacons in the Catholic Church? Possible future.
  28. Equality for people with a disability
  29. Atheists Arenít the Problem, Christian Intolerance Is the Problem
  30. 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife': Insane backstory
  31. Who was Saul a.k.a Paul of Tarsus?
  32. Imagination, potential and reality.
  33. My Thoughts Of Doreen Virtue Convert To Christianity
  34. 4th century Biblical translation and commentary
  35. Is the Pope a Catholic? Nope - he's a heretic
  36. Orthodox Christians?
  37. Demon of Alcohol
  38. Is Christianity actually polytheistic?
  39. Why doesn't anyone seriously follow Christ?
  40. Jesus Christ some people are now saying he was vampire
  41. Islamic Jinn (DEMON)