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  1. The Budget Pagan
  2. dumb newb question: Working with Deities
  3. Non wiccan sources
  4. Ritual Jewelry?
  5. The Winter Tradition
  6. Asking the Gods for help
  7. Butterfly Magic?
  8. Creating a meditation/ritual space
  9. Roughly, how much money do you think you've spent on...?
  10. Wandering from the path
  11. Open house for deity?
  12. Runes
  13. Blessed Food Processor?
  14. How do you start practicing witchcraft or magick?
  15. Causing Nightmares?
  16. Multiple Altars
  17. Using copper to cleanse objects
  18. Moon Phases 2015
  19. Snuff or Blow?
  20. Cleaning a crystal ball
  21. Pagans and sex
  22. Candles - how often, what for, what type and why?
  23. Successful Saturn Ritual with Divination
  24. Occulus Magic?
  25. How much WOO WOO do You DO?
  26. Alters
  27. Big thread of liturgy and devotionals
  28. Planetary Hour vs Planetary Day
  29. I hope this is the place to put this.
  30. For V (and Rafe when she gets around to visiting us again)
  31. Eerie little fortunes
  32. Foggy brain lifted to figure out what I really wanted to spit out. :/
  33. Anyone with reliable information on Lakota traditions/beliefs?
  34. Prayers / Ritual texts
  35. Pantheists:Describe your practice
  36. Sterilizing Needle
  37. Soul Physiology
  38. Astral Projection troubles
  39. Techniques for Meditation?
  40. Incorporating Practices
  41. The biggest hindrance to spiritual development
  42. Magic "Logs"
  43. Repentance/purification practices
  44. Approaching Ancient Spirit
  45. Crystals To Protect You From Creepy People
  46. Angel Altar
  47. A lotta work
  48. Shadow Work
  49. Blessing
  50. Is your practice bioregional?
  51. Looking for help replacing my ritual knife
  52. Respecting Plants
  53. Morning and evening rituals
  54. My first Winter Solstice
  55. Sigil Magick, or Christmas Spirit?
  56. Decent books about herbs and objects for spellwork?
  57. Personal Energy and Chakras
  58. Tools of the trade
  59. Burning herbs?
  60. The use of ritual
  61. Satanic proselytizing?!
  62. Expressing spiritual experiences?
  63. What is your perspective on spirit animals?
  64. An actual EVP -- No BS
  65. gimme that old time juju...
  66. Astral hygeine and shields
  67. Pilgrimage
  68. My favorite altered state - "the snooze"
  69. A really weird dream, any thoughts?
  70. Going into deeper meditations
  71. What are Your Thoughts on using Crystals?
  72. Deliberately Shutting off Psychic Function
  73. Ritual Weaponry
  74. How to practise practice
  75. Magic After Giving Blood
  76. Medication Enchancing Psychic Abilities
  77. Ritual "Leftovers"
  78. Path Work
  79. NYT article: Curses, the occult, and politics...
  80. Geometric correspondences
  81. post a picture of your alltar
  82. Any tips on how I can make my wand straighter?
  83. Finding your God/Goddess?
  84. Pagan minimalists
  85. How to talk to/summon a nymph
  86. Witch Names
  87. Beginner Crystal Sets
  88. Soul voice
  89. Looking for some perspective
  90. Rituals to cure sickness/illness
  91. Favorite Ritual Items
  92. Cursing yourself with conditions
  93. Incorporating Music in Paganism/Witchcraft?
  94. Encounters with people after working magick towards them
  95. Expiration date?
  96. How get succes and good fortune in a project
  97. mistakes you have made in magick
  98. Invoking the Divine