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  1. The Decline of Humanity
  2. The fates!
  3. Where else was she supposed to put it?
  4. Wife crashes her own funeral, horrifying her husband, who had paid to have her killed
  5. Not a rant,but:Who killed Antonin Scalia? Conspiracy theories blame Obama, Bush
  6. So,even Talc will kill you after a while..who knew.
  7. Why can't we just kill everyone on the fringes for a bit more peace and quiet?
  8. My Rant About this GD Forum
  9. The Poor Man and the Alabama Governor
  10. China:Wonder how this comes about,read the story.woman dies in elavator.
  11. Something in the water? Its texas,so. Naked dancing woman shuts down Highway 290
  12. Must be nice to be British Petroleum!
  13. Texas,Really? I ponder what Texus will do next?
  14. Photo sessions for everything....ugh
  15. Damn,the Iranians caught us,Iran says kim Kardashian is a spy.
  16. What the hell China,lighten up already.
  17. Beating Your Wife For Jesus
  18. uninvited drugging 1/13????
  19. what's happening in the UK
  20. WTF? Has it come to this?
  21. Clowns. Just, Clowns.
  22. Leonard Cohen Dead at 82
  23. Yulin Is Barbaric
  24. Woman goes on racist rant at Arkansas Wal-Mart
  25. Who is Reality Winner?
  26. meaning of "The big muddy"
  27. under your desks.in Hawaii
  28. Lost a post.
  29. The Statute Of Limitations Is A Load Of Crap
  30. No children? You're a traitor to America!
  31. I Just Don't Understand The Overaction Of This Youtuber
  32. Really stupid internet stuff
  33. why do you think in the information agae humanity is still so ignorant?
  34. trump under attack by witchs
  35. My Experience Working With A Horrible Boss
  36. Seriously?
  37. So Anyway I Left A Facebook Group Today.
  38. Money, jobs, work, control, education, media, dang i hate it all
  39. My School Blocked a Pagan Resource Site and I'm Salty
  40. People Are Making A Big Deal Of A Black Mermaid
  41. Kobe Bryant - Guilty of Rape (or not)?
  42. What is wrong with Social Security?
  43. New Rant Thread X
  44. Netflix Cuties Is Disgusting
  45. I'm Sick And Tired With All This Injustice With Black People
  46. My Horrible Experience With The Tarot & Lenormand Facebook Group Community
  47. Well... That was stupid
  48. Insanity in LaLa Land
  49. Jake Paul Is Accused For Sexual Assault
  50. I'm So Glad That EDP445 Is Cancelled Off The Internet
  51. We Need more Odin
  52. Drake Bell Is Arrested For An Inappropriate Relationship With A Child
  53. Frantic Suicide Pact
  54. Not so nice person
  55. Face it!
  56. My Serious Problem With People Who Are COVID Deniers
  57. I've Cut Off My Friendship With My Childhood Friend
  58. Elon Musk Need To Be Fired From Twitter
  59. I Got Into Some Stupid Drama By Some Idiotic Bigot On YouTube
  60. A comedy, of sorts. Mainly of errors.
  61. Disney Is Receiving Death Threats All Because of Race-Swapping And Gender-Swapping
  62. My Epilepsy-free life has been blown out the window