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  29. Did Vikings use swords, or just wave them around?
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  31. Who knew,your brain is a Zombie.
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  33. Amazon helps you make bombs
  34. just weird astroid.
  35. Starman is driving to Mars!!!
  36. Dreams... What the heck?
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  38. Genetics and extinct animals
  39. How Does Bill Gates’ Ingenious, Waterless, Life-Saving Toilet Work?
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  41. Does anyone believe in Evolution?
  42. Transhumanism or Posthumanism (Is being called a new religion by some)
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  45. Nature Observation Tool (Zoology)
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  48. Everything is right now
  49. Octopus painting
  50. looking into this with my several computers
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  53. Open and Closed Psychologies: How Different Can We Be?
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  56. maybe solution to micro plastics
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