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  1. Important RULES for the Debate Section: READ BEFORE POSTING!!
  2. Hypnotism Is It Real Treatment
  3. Let's talk math!
  4. Gender
  5. Should Men be able to hit Women?
  6. arming the unwashed masses: good or bad? split from Pakistan thread
  7. Criminals Working At A Job
  8. Death Penalty: Support It Or Against It
  9. Restraining Order: Useful Or Useless
  10. Forced chemotherapy? Yay or ixnay?
  11. Everybody is boycotting North Carolina
  12. ADHD: Mental Illness Or Not
  13. Anita Hill...yup...her.
  14. I'm offended, you're offended, we're offended.
  15. Doctor fired for assaulting Uber driver while drunk
  16. Meternity leave... Really???
  17. Women only train carriages (cars)
  18. What seems a war on pain killers,and the concern about O.D.'s
  19. Religious certainty vs. religious exploration
  20. Can a thing be both true and false at the same time?
  21. To have, or to have not?
  22. Should the ignorant be given a vote?
  23. Alpha women can't love?
  24. California Prop 57 (the non violent early release law)
  25. Assisted suicide (making it legal)
  26. Humans should stop producing
  27. Anti-Semitic?
  28. Should recreational use of cannabis be federally legalized?