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  51. The Devil - An Old Foe Brings Light to the Darkness
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  58. Would anyone be so kind as to do a reading for me?
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  62. Any baisic info on runes?
  63. Opinions on 'shufflemancy'?
  64. Lets talk about (tarot) decks...
  65. Thoth Tarot Divinatory Meanings (Updated)
  66. Too freaked out to read anymore
  67. Ophiuchus
  68. The druid animal oracle
  69. What Is Scrying?
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  72. Capnomancy gone wrong. What do I do?
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  94. Natural Omen: A Personal Perspective on Spiritual Development
  95. Before I Try Scrying
  96. What Types of Divination Do You Do?
  97. Tarot - The Great Rite Alchemy Spread
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  101. Past Life Oracle by Doreen Virtue
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  131. My Tarot Curse Has Sent My Archnemesis To The Mental Institution
  132. Bone Divination Question
  133. My Experience With The Ouija Board (True Story)
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  135. Tarot Of Dragons Tarot Deck
  136. Rainbow Kipper Deck
  137. The Dark Mansion Tarot Deck
  138. Rider Waite Tarot vs. Marseille Tarot