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  1. Pagan News & Pagans in the News
  2. News to inspire
  3. Church & State News
  4. Maternity Leave
  5. The Airplane has crashed. Paul Kantner, Jefferson Airplane founder, dead at 74
  6. News for Duce:A Hungry Sea Lion Wanders Into a Restaurant ... In San Diego
  7. Christie quiting,and Kim Davis ges her way
  8. Fear of a vengeful God may explain humanity’s global expansion
  9. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Has Died At the Age of 79
  10. Payton Manning is probably a jerk
  11. Not even sure where this giant can of worms goes.
  12. How to Help a Woman Learn Her Place
  13. An older story about TRUE courage!
  14. OJ Simpson back in the news
  15. Poorly informed jury. Don't they know...
  16. Finally a way to provide hope for Action on climate change?
  17. "The Brainwashing of my Dad" Documentary
  18. Larry Wilmore about Flint. the part is near the middle.
  19. Using "the law" to torment reg'lar folks
  20. Trying the Pakistan thing again...
  21. Shooting at U.S. Capitol Complex in D.C.
  22. Volcanic Eruption In Alaska Could Block Out The Sun, Cause Global Cooling
  23. Patty Duke, The Miracle Worker star, dies at 69
  24. Legislating bad science in Utah
  25. The Panama Papers
  26. Erik Bauersfeld, voice of Admiral Ackbar, dies
  27. Wanna buy a village?
  28. Merle Haggard, country music legend, dies at 79
  29. "Hugs For Frank"
  30. Former NFL Player Will Smith Shot To Death
  31. Reason you Might want to rethink online dating
  32. Al Jazeera going off the air
  33. Merkel Allows Prosecution of German Comedian Over Erdogan Satire
  35. The Great Boaty McBoatface Dilemma
  36. Anders Breivik, Norway murderer, wins human rights case
  37. WWE Superstars React to Chyna's Death on Twitter
  38. Just wow,Marshmallow chokes her,and she dies.
  39. Women could be headed for the draft, after House committee vote
  40. Report: Painkillers found in Prince's possession
  41. Kenya to torch millions of dollars worth of ivory
  42. Caught on video: Bear is uninvited houseguest at 2nd-floor apartment
  43. Five million (star)bucks for too much ice in a drink.
  44. Where's the SCOTUS when you need 'em?
  45. Fort McMurray fire: Evacuees try to outrun inferno -- again
  46. Bring on the "Harry potter" reaction to "Frozen"
  47. Just ask seri:Murder suspect asks Siri where to hide a dead body
  48. 'Magic' Mushrooms Show Promise Against Depression In First-Ever Trial
  49. 25 year old murder case finally resolved
  50. MORE important than N.C. potties
  51. Missing Egyptair Flight Crashed into the Mediterranean
  52. I want this - right to disconnect
  53. University speaking event silenced by violent protest
  54. US nuclear force still uses floppy disks
  55. The superbug of super bugs has arrived.
  56. This should stop reminising about walking 10 miles uphill for school
  57. Texas Judge is hillarious
  58. Two dead in UCLA shooting,ongoing
  59. Has to be pretty bad in texas when militery Vehicle swept away.
  60. U.S. Navy bans booze in Japan
  61. The Stanford Swimmer rape case
  62. A new way to be robbed by cops
  63. Save the frog!
  64. Terrorism in Orlando kills 20
  65. Police Step Up Training, Raise Security In NYC LGBT Community In Wake Of Orlando
  66. 21st century insanity spreads to Great Britain
  67. Drug test the rich!
  68. Consumers lose once again
  69. Movie theater shooting in Germany
  70. UK Votes to Leave the EU
  71. Violence and bigotry in Sacramento
  72. The return of McCarthy...
  73. the stories we tell ourselves so we can sleep at night...
  74. So, something crazy just happened in Turkey...
  75. Oh, those Satanic pranksters!
  76. Man killed while playing 'Pokemon Go
  77. Gene Wilder has Died
  78. Mass Desicration of Burial Sites
  79. author Gavin Frost dead at 86
  80. super typhoon hits Taiwan.
  81. I wanna make Holloweenie sooo special...
  82. Explosion in NW Portland
  83. Tom Hayden, 1960s anti-war activist,dead at 76
  84. Jack T Chick dies at the age of 92
  85. So,silicon Vally wants California to secede
  86. fires in Southest
  87. Fidel Castro,dead at 90.
  88. Ron Glass dies at 71
  89. North Korea
  90. Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon(true star man) treated by David bowie
  91. John Glenn of Ohio Has Died At 95
  92. Greg Lake, Emerson, Lake & Palmer Co-Founder, Dead at 69
  93. New York City 'Zombie' Outbreak
  94. Begin new arms race!
  95. Stupid is as stupid does.
  96. Slouching toward Bethlehem
  97. Fishtanks and Nature.
  98. This really caught my eye,Trump and russia connection.
  99. Celebrity Death Notice Thread
  100. USS Cole off coast of Yemen.
  101. Military goes green
  102. The Partridge is ill
  103. Cyborgs at work - the company microchipping its employees
  104. Fresh Express Recalls Batch After Dead Bat Found In Prepackaged Salad
  105. The Most Fakiest News Have You Ever Heard
  106. Weird story from Florida.
  107. Landslide on California highway part of $1 billion in damage
  108. Manchester Bombing
  109. PDX Double Murder at MAX transit center
  110. Angela Merkel may have kicked US to the curb.
  111. Another attack in the UK - this time London...
  112. The U.K. General Election
  113. This really shocked me.
  114. NJ is going for full legal weed.
  115. A Shooting In The Hospital At Bronx
  116. The Mustache of Salvidore Dali
  117. Microsoft at war
  118. Satanic panic FINALLY over?
  119. Fox News' Tucker Carlson meets the witch
  120. R.I.P Raymond Buckland 1934-2017
  121. dream chaser.
  122. NJ it seems will make weed legal
  123. So Many Sexual Misconduct Allegations Coming Out
  124. UFO are REAL!?!?
  125. ‘Nigerian prince’ finally arrested: 67yo American behind 100s of scam emails
  126. The Tide Pod Challenge
  127. I is deadliest kitty ever!
  128. Mo'Nique Boycotting Netflix
  129. David Hogg Is A Crisis Actor
  130. Bill Cosby Found Guility Of Sexual Assault
  131. ABC Network Cancelled Roseanne TV Show After She Made A Racist Comment On Twitter
  132. Supreme Court Decision Favor Baker Over Gay Couple
  133. Teen girl learning to drive kills 2 men
  134. "Witchcraft... bacicaly selling your soul to the devil."
  135. AI psychopath created
  136. Saw a pagan goup adv on fave book....it gt ugly...help stop the russians
  137. U.S. President Donald Trump threatened his Iranian counterpart in a late Sunday eveni
  138. Massive California fire
  139. Alex Jones Was Banned From Youtube, Facebook And Other Social Media Sites
  140. Has anyone heard about the Catholic molestation case in Pennsylvania?
  141. Jacksonville eSports Shooting Incident
  142. florence in south-east,
  143. Bill Cosby Is Sentence To 3-10 Years In Prison
  144. Sinead O'Connor converts to Islam
  145. ebola outbreak in congo
  146. CAlifornia fires
  147. new midrid earthquake
  148. Anak Krakatau volcano'
  149. 2019 New Years Heat Wave
  150. Transgender March on Washington, D.C
  151. stay warm,so freaking cold
  152. no TERF,but they return again.
  153. corey booker goes for nation wide legal weed.
  154. Alex Trebek Got Cancer
  155. Youtube star found dead
  156. Encinitas beach cliff collapse
  157. it was just a matter of time
  158. A Small Victory For Eric Garner
  159. PewDiePie and Marzia FINALLY get married!
  160. close to home bomb threat in nj
  161. global climate strikes Sept 20
  162. Rosario Dawson Allegedly Attacking A Transgender Man
  163. Man Gets Killed Over A Popeyes Chicken
  164. Students Displayed A Confederate Flag In A High School Cafeteria In Response To Pride
  165. Donald Trump Have Been Impeached For Good
  166. Michigan schools closed for the year
  167. All the things COVID-19
  168. Riots in response to George Floyd's Murder
  169. Black Lives Matter. Period.
  170. Melonheads are real!
  171. Winter storm
  172. Rush Limbaugh Is Dead
  173. The Site of the Salem Witch Trial Hangings Finally Has a Memorial
  174. Mozilla and others demand change in FSF leadership
  175. George Floyd Got Justice
  176. A new discovery about an old thing
  177. It's aliens, I think
  178. Derek Chauvin Sentence
  179. Bill Cosby Is Released From Prison
  180. Afghanistan
  181. Gabby Petito
  182. sad betty white has died
  183. Bob Saget has died now
  184. Butterflies flee for safety
  185. Butterflies flee for safety
  186. The Danger of Fruit
  187. Texas School Shooting
  188. poul servino
  189. Nakia Creek Fire
  190. Horrible, horrible thing
  191. Donald Chump Finally Got Arrested