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  1. A Newbie Guide To Paganism (Paganism 101 and FAQ)
  2. Would like to cast a love/relationship spell on someone but unsure of their birthday.
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  17. Finding myself again.
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  19. Well, that was strange.
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  21. Daily Inspiration Thread
  22. My experiences—not sure what they mean
  23. What Am I?
  24. i dont know if it would be ethical to still call myself a pagan,
  25. Feeling really overwhelmed
  26. Unsure of what I am
  27. where do i start?
  28. Can someone translate this Ancient Royal Egyptian for me? [NEW]
  29. ok be nice but yeah i need some help and i didnt know where to post this...
  30. TBH I just found this site
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  32. Some input on aftermath?
  33. What on Earth happened?
  34. I want to believe in the greek gods
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  36. Can I be a Sea Witch?
  37. Aliens?
  38. About my path and journey
  39. A question about Satanism vs Luciferianism
  40. So Apollo has been everywhere in my life...
  41. Looking for Resources
  42. Question for the more knowledge weather witches out there
  43. So I prayed to multiple gods...
  44. Etiquette when working w/ one God/dess in particular?
  45. Hinduism , pagan and 12 step programmes
  46. New and also lost
  47. What's happening to me?
  48. Sorry if this is stupid question
  49. Therianthropy and Plurality
  50. Called to the sword?
  51. Bullied by a entity I thought was a deity please offer love and support don't judge
  52. Concerns and Worship?
  53. Interesting Update!
  54. Curious for answers and help anyone can give
  55. Slavic Pagan Resources
  56. I Have Many Questions!
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  58. Hello There.
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  68. Hi again
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  70. Occult or pagan groups/schools/organizations for men
  71. "Bad eyes" and other shenanigans
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  73. Can an administrator please tell me if something is allowed?