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  1. Love Spells
  2. Money Spells
  3. The Item, or the Idea?
  4. Correspondence Lists
  5. To Spell or Not to Spell
  6. Help on intro to spellcraft?
  7. Using pentagram as a part of your rituals
  8. Blessings and Cleansings single objects
  9. Users of crystals
  10. Does anyone have have a spell they would recommend to enhance artistic abilities?
  11. Throwing pennies
  12. Curses and the Like
  13. Best Books/Websites
  14. What is witchcraft? Who can practise it?
  15. Rituals in Small Spaces
  16. Getting the Divine bum steer.
  17. Moon Cycles affecting rituals?
  18. ritual for handing over a staff?
  19. Is this ethical?
  20. New idea on energy magick.
  21. Frumples and Scaler Waves; Does anyone know about either of these?
  22. which kind of witch are you?
  23. what wood is your wand made of?
  24. magick items
  25. War Water
  26. Full Moon Ritual
  27. Getting Rid of Someone
  28. Things about spell casting that annoys me
  29. Necromancy
  30. Lightdragon's Crystal/Stone Info Thread
  31. Rain Water
  32. Feathers
  33. Witchcraft for Closeted Folk
  34. Bones and Other Remains in Spellcraft/Cursing
  35. What is a witch?
  36. Anyone know about Heka?
  37. Body Parts and Organs Stolen For Magickal Workings
  38. Wishcraft aka Intention-IT WORKS!!
  39. So...my friend's an idiot and I'm probably over my head
  40. I do magic when...
  41. Not sure if I shoulda posted this here or in divination?
  42. Backyard Magic
  43. Magic for good luck?
  44. Magik or luck?
  45. what element shud i use for a weight loss spell?
  46. Pattern for a Poppet
  47. Spell to break a contract
  48. I Want To Learn How To Use Magic
  49. Candles And Colors
  50. Friendship Spell
  51. Need to figure out a ritual. Urgent.
  52. Charging a crystal
  53. Knot Magick to Assist in Chemical Detox
  54. How Essential is Timing to spellwork?
  55. Was this a psychic attack?
  56. Dream Spell
  57. A Spell For Gaining More Views And Subscribers On Youtube
  58. I'm Finally Doing Magic
  59. Magical Oils
  60. Spell to help pass a kidney stone
  61. Poppet Use
  62. Does Grammar, Spelling, Wording, etc. Matter in Spells, Rituals, etc.?
  63. Is witchcraft like making soup or like making a souffle?
  64. Cryptic Codes - Huld Manuscript
  65. Psychic ability and magic
  66. What ritual tools do you use?
  67. Plant Spirits
  68. Blood-bound Handfasting
  69. Advice for working with developing watchers
  70. What should I do with these goat horns?
  71. Hair of a Black Dog
  72. Advice about using "Return to Sender" Spells
  73. Small everyday witchcraft
  74. Spell only worked once
  75. First spell
  76. Spells for Gardening?
  77. Demon name or description which can exorcise your demon
  78. Demons and curses, Help
  79. New household rituals?
  80. Luck Spells?
  81. Did I Fail At Summoning?
  82. Been having encounters with owls, does it mean anything?
  83. Spirit attacks, draining, haunting.
  84. Is there such a thing as ethical cursing?