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  1. Ways of meditation?
  2. Feeling drained after meditation/grounding-what's up with that?
  3. Ever get spooked during a meditation?
  4. "bleeding" from the feet.
  5. Descriptions and experiences in Otherworlds/The spiritual plane
  6. Free Mindfulness resource
  7. Visualization meditation of a deity?
  8. Beginning Meditation -- Mugwort Incense
  9. Iron Meditation
  10. A Second Self?
  11. Physical World as a Spiritual Plane
  12. Inner Voice
  13. I've never meditated before......
  14. Afraid of meditating, afraid of not being able to come back?? Answer please....
  15. Thank you for the advice, this is what happened.......
  16. What is "meditation" and how do you do it?
  17. Meditating advice?
  18. Pagan-Themed Guided Meditations
  19. So what are you doing?
  20. Tried a spiritual meditation of sorts
  21. Working with the elements
  22. The feeling that something's wrong or something happened
  23. Astral Projection Attempt?
  24. Meditation and awareness of the unconscious
  25. Kirtan and using voice in meditation.
  26. Rituals for coming of age?
  27. I thought we had a wacky dream thread somewhere...
  28. Mediation/astral share.
  29. Examination of Meditation studies
  30. Spirit walk whilst awake
  31. Meditation difficulty
  32. Astral projection through the Fylgja and Fylgjakonna