View Full Version : Fast track for atheists at airport?

B. de Corbin
13 Jun 2015, 05:53
Before anybody gets too excited, I'm pretty sure this is somewhat tongue-in-cheek:

Is it Time for Fast Track Atheist Security Checks at Airports? (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/zoltan-istvan/is-it-time-for-fast-track_b_7549062.html?utm_hp_ref=weird-news&ir=Weird+News)

I couldn't help but wonder if I really had to wait in hour-plus lines since no atheist--so far as I could discover--has ever been accused of bombing or highjacking a plane. Atheists aren't attracted to terrorism since they're too level-headed to believe they know all the answers to the universe. They don't need to defend or promote strict ideologies, especially archaic ones.

13 Jun 2015, 07:33
I love it!

13 Jun 2015, 14:56
Yes. But we are full of sin and little bottles of over the limit of accepted liquids of shampoo!

13 Jun 2015, 21:20
Sith too we don't hijack planes we just destroy entire planets and corrupt people to the darkside..........

06 Sep 2015, 11:52
If only if only if only... unfortunately we are still capable of great acts of destruction and violence.. cos.. well.. no ones perfect :)

08 Sep 2015, 11:56
Please implement this. You have no idea how many times I've been pulled aside for public frisking at the damn airport (and that's not tongue-in-cheek, though it very nearly felt that way).