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18 Sep 2015, 19:28
Do you have any recipes you make for deities? Do they ask you to make a specific food/recipe for them? If so, what recipes/foods?

B. de Corbin
18 Sep 2015, 19:57

For certain events, sour dough bread in phallic shapes.


That's as much as I want to say about that...

19 Sep 2015, 09:04
For Odinn, breadman and ale. For Thorr, pork roast with rosemary and garlic butter.

For spirits of my ancestors, whole roast chicken stuffed with vegetables & basic herbs (ginger, cumin, turmeric, candle nut, basil, white pepper, chilly).

The food will lack taste and be a lot less enjoyable meal if you choose to eat it after putting it up as offering.

19 Sep 2015, 12:09
My concept is that deity exists without nutritional supplements. Only that spark of deity within me needs food to keep the body healthy.
I offer respect and love to deity as that seems to be enough.
The strange part of that evolved belief is that the Sumerians used to leave food at the foot of the hollow statues and when it was eaten they took it for granted that the god or goddess had eaten it. I tend to believe the temple rodents were well fed.

19 Sep 2015, 18:34
I don't have anything specific, but I love this idea.

Back in my youth *ahh, youth* when I was Recon, I had a list of foods readily available to the 'Celts' in Britain and Roman Britain. For, like, a whole year I tried to stock to the foods my religious ancestors ate. But I was in high school then and the separate specialised diet caused some strain to the family food budget, lol, so I was encouraged to find other ways of honouring my forebears.

My mother was very supportive and encouraging of my path, but she did occasionally feel like Thai or good ol' fashion American cuisine and I was cramping her style :-p Plus I'm a kitchen witch. I could only limit myself that far for so long.