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22 Nov 2015, 18:34
I'm putting this in the "Health and Healing" section because I seriously felt like this is something that she wants to do to further heal.

My father died four years ago and since they were going through a rough patch and my dad had issues, my mother and I made the difficult choice to split from him about a year before his death. They still loved each other and when he died, my mom took it pretty hard(Honestly, who wouldn't though). We've both gotten to that "acceptance" stage that you're supposed to get to in that "Stages of Grief" thing but she's always had this thing about wanting to see a psychic.

Now, I started my Wiccan path a little over a year after he died. I've been into pagan things long before that but never put two and two together since it was my father who adamantly discouraged it being a devout Christian. I was always sensitive to the paranormal side of things and my mom gets that. When she brought up the psychic thing, she questioned if I would do it but I wasn't emotionally stable enough at the time. She still has this concept in her head, and I think I'm a bit too biased to be able to not second guess myself if I tried to connect with my Dad.

The reason we haven't done anything yet is because I have trouble trusting psychics who could possibly be a load and a half of you-know-what. I know there are legit people out there with gifts who are helping people but I've walked into a Pagan store before and the woman's mother was trying to sell me a reading by saying "I sense that you're an avid photographer" in which I replied with a deadpan "No."

I just am wary about psychics and what their intentions are though I feel like this is something my mother has to do to know if my father is "mad at her" or "if she made the right decisions". I guess I want to know what he thinks of my becoming Wiccan? That was his worst nightmare so.. maybe I don't care to know.

23 Nov 2015, 09:47
Instead of a psychic, perhaps it would be better for her to see a shamanic practitioner. Their role in life is to help and heal and are very community oriented.

23 Nov 2015, 10:10
I know a legit psychic, won't help much as she's in Denmark. But there are good people out there. Generally, my rule is that the more 'titles' thy claim the less I trust them. The ones who try to push something on you are generally to be avoided... but I get that it's hard to trust someone. I only decided to give the one I know a try because my dad has known her all of his life.
The best thing I think you can do is trust your gut feeling when you first meet them.