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B. de Corbin
04 Dec 2015, 19:33
Surprise! Idiots can't tell the difference between deep thoughts and total removed by staff.

Study Finds People Who Fall For Nonsense Inspirational Quotes Are Less Intelligent (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/pseudo-intellectual-profound-bullshit-study_5661acb4e4b079b2818e4020)

04 Dec 2015, 20:05
I'll quote Confucius 'duh':p

04 Dec 2015, 20:07
I love the New Age BS Generator:

You and I are warriors of the nexus.

To wander the story is to become one with it. The stratosphere is bursting with expanding wave functions.

By unveiling, we vibrate. Life-force is the healing of energy, and of us.

04 Dec 2015, 20:08
Sounds like something I'd read out of an old smutty romance novel. One with Fabio on the cover. Not that I would know.

04 Dec 2015, 20:40
I used to be. Dang, I even had a "spiritual" type of Tumblr. (The fact that is more shocking to me than being less intelligent.)
*slides under the table to regret*

Spiny Norman
05 Dec 2015, 00:19
I love the New Age BS Generator:

They really are the experts!


05 Dec 2015, 04:53
That generator is deeper than Chopra himself.

05 Dec 2015, 09:12
I've suspected most of the people on my Facebook feed were idiots for years.

05 Dec 2015, 10:28
I'm so tempted to post one of these on Facebook and see who calls it inspirational, but my opinion of humanity in general is already pretty low.

05 Dec 2015, 10:50
Thankfully there is only one person who shares this crap, but he's a middle class English atheist who goes ferreting and shooting. I don't get it. I'm friends with one of my mum's friends who actually IS New Age and she doesn't post that sort of crap.

05 Dec 2015, 11:08
One of the thousand reasons I'm not on Facebook. The low intelligence of the average content (and probably that of the frequent users). I like the generator though. It's quite amusing :p

05 Dec 2015, 12:59
As one learns to open their inner space,one seems to BECOME,and in this way all the darkness fades as the sun greets the morning light(I did it,not some generator)

- - - Updated - - -

I will tell you true,I can be a master of BS. I try and not go there,but sometimes.....

07 Dec 2015, 11:28
This new title reminded me of the cruel fact that I indeed study BS:

The low intelligence of the average content (and probably that of the frequent users)They would probably say the same thing about us. :D

07 Dec 2015, 11:39
my BS is so profound... (http://sebpearce.com/bullshit/)

Serenity is a constant.We exist as four-dimensional superstructures. You and I are seekers of the grid.Illusion is born in the gap where peace has been excluded.Where there is desire, transcendence cannot thrive. Greed is the antithesis of conscious living. Without synchronicity, one cannot heal.
Wanderer, look within and inspire yourself. Although you may not realize it, you are magical. If you have never experienced this rebirth through non-local interactions, it can be difficult to dream.
We vibrate, we vibrate, we are reborn. By refining, we dream. The cosmos is electrified with sub-atomic particles.

Potential is the truth of growth, and of us.Yes, it is possible to eradicate the things that can eliminate us, but not without truth on our side. You must take a stand against suffering. We can no longer afford to live with pain.
It can be difficult to know where to begin. How should you navigate this zero-point multiverse? The grid is calling to you via superpositions of possibilities. Can you hear it?

07 Dec 2015, 11:45
Little tale of major bull Shet game. A friend and I used to hang out in a beer hall very near UC Berkley(in the Bay area) Many collage students there. The game was to begin a "FAKE" discussion of some subject(the more obscure the better),and wait for one of the "Students" to jump in. My friend and I would Quote a non existent source,and the "Student" not wanting to seem uninformed would agree with the quote . We would let the discussion go on a while before revealing the whole thing was BS. People will agree sometimes because they wish not to be seen as not informed about intellectual things.

Now that is the essence of the art of BS.

B. de Corbin
07 Dec 2015, 12:08
Just so everybody knows, it isn't just New Age-y people who fall for Bill's Shirt.


Publishers withdraw more than 120 gibberish papers: Conference proceedings removed from subscription databases after scientist reveals that they were computer-generated. (http://www.nature.com/news/publishers-withdraw-more-than-120-gibberish-papers-1.14763) (here is the generator: SCIgen - An Automatic CS Paper Generator (https://pdos.csail.mit.edu/archive/scigen/))

Here is a generator for post-modernist literary criticism: https://pdos.csail.mit.edu/archive/scigen/

If one examines precapitalist constructive theory, one is faced with a
choice: either reject the dialectic paradigm of reality or conclude that
government is fundamentally elitist. The premise of semioticist rationalism
implies that art is capable of intent. However, Derrida suggests the use of
Batailleist `powerful communication’ to challenge class divisions.

And here is one to generate "Artistic Statements": http://www.artybollocks.com/#abg_full

My work explores the relationship between emerging sexualities and romance tourism.
With influences as diverse as Blake and John Lennon, new variations are manufactured from both explicit and implicit structures.
Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the essential unreality of the zeitgeist. What starts out as vision soon becomes finessed into a manifesto of defeat, leaving only a sense of chaos and the prospect of a new synthesis.
As temporal replicas become reconfigured through emergent and personal practice, the viewer is left with an epitaph for the limits of our existence.

I could go on and on and on and on.

and on.

07 Dec 2015, 12:22
Oh master of the divine BS, lay the word upon us with no true grasp of the reality of the sublime nature of the "Unknown" that we shell not name.

In truth I almost threw out my back in trying to throw that large sentence of BS,it twisted in my hands as I tossed it.

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Because it was the entire Bull not just the simple BS