View Full Version : Ginger - lime - pear preserves

B. de Corbin
13 Dec 2015, 09:38
I be entertaining myself with a new recipie:


15 Dec 2015, 07:29
Well, how did it turn out?

15 Dec 2015, 07:34
Sorry B. De.,never was a big fan of pears...

B. de Corbin
15 Dec 2015, 07:36
I'm not a big fan of pears either, which is why I went with the lime-ginger version. They are in season, though.

It's pretty good. Better than the pears would be alone, I believe.

Next time, though, I'll use more ginger (I already doubled what the recipe called for, but I have a passion for ginger)

15 Dec 2015, 07:42
So,we kind of talking pickled pears?

B. de Corbin
15 Dec 2015, 10:37
So,we kind of talking pickled pears?

No - preserves, like jam.

Sweet, but the limes both A) keep the fruit from browning, and B) add a bit of depth to the flavor (which, IMHO, is what pears lack).

The ginger is just good with pretty much anything...