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10 Jan 2016, 07:51
Since I have less time but more space in my kitchen, and a little bit more income (rent is less, we don't need day care during the school year, we can carpool most days, etc), I'm looking to get two things--a rice cooker and a bread maker. I want both to have timers, so they can cook when I am at work, and it would be nice to have the settings where the rice cooker can make other steamed veggies, or even a whole meal, and the bread maker can also mix dough for pasta, make GF breads, etc.

Anyone have recommendations?

10 Jan 2016, 07:56
I am not all that knowledgeable on these things,BUT glad to hear you have more room in the kitchen.

B. de Corbin
10 Jan 2016, 08:52
My bread maker is a Sunbeam. I don't know if it does pasta (never thought of trying. Now I wonder...), but I've had it for about 12 years, works like a charm.

I just got one for my daughter for Christmas.

10 Jan 2016, 17:01
Alright so I will come back with bread maker information. I have 2 that have great reviews, one is closer to $100 depending on where you look thats a pressure cooker, rice maker, slow cooker, and steamer all in one. Its the Instant Pot and rated the number 1 "rice cooker" of 2015. The second is the number 2 pick of 2015. This one is an 8 cup rice maker/steamer. It has a 15 hour delay on it and goes automatically to warm setting when after it finishes.

Number 1

Number 2