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25 Feb 2016, 13:24
Have anyone ever drink an energy drink before? I drink energy drinks a lot. A few years ago,I drink monster energy drinks and I was so hyperactive like the Knight of Wands. I drink a lot of monster energy drinks about 5 to 10 cans and I haven't sleep for a few days. Now I seldom drink Monster Energy drinks. That's my energy drink experience. :)

25 Feb 2016, 14:20
Yes. Energy drinks aren't good for your heart and I've already had heart surgery so I drink then every once in awhile. Monsters for the taste.

25 Feb 2016, 14:28
Having been a caffeine addict for many years,I will say over doing caffeine is never a good idea. I still consume coffee,but in a lot more moderation these days.(energy drinks have caffeine,and other stimulant parts) I BTW also when younger I did speed,and that is another thing entirely(and I will add the saying "Speed kills"a very true statement)

25 Feb 2016, 20:34
Most energy drinks are loaded with caffeine and sugar. They're met to keep you awake and stimulated, not make you healthy.

25 Feb 2016, 21:54
Oh yeah, they are a big no no. I stay clear away from them.

25 Feb 2016, 22:27
Isn't speed a drug if I'm not mistaken? I was going to ask a question if energy drinks good for you but Endlesscraving already answer the question. Yeah the energy drinks company makes millions of dollars to let people buy their drinks and without caring about the health risk. They've created diet energy drinks. (energy drinks without the sugar.) Diet energy drinks is no different. It still got the same chemicals.

25 Feb 2016, 22:30
Yes,speed is a VERY bad drug,and in a way energy drinks might move some people in the direction of doing speed.

26 Feb 2016, 08:02
Ok. Thank you annunitu.

24 Mar 2016, 11:18
nice thread. thanks for share..