View Full Version : Atheists Aren’t the Problem, Christian Intolerance Is the Problem

15 Jun 2016, 22:31
Story here. (http://time.com/3450525/atheists-arent-the-problem-christian-intolerance-is-the-problem/)

Wondering what people think of this topic.

Quote from site.

Huckabee, in a tortured metaphor about answering phones “God is ringing,” exhorted his audience to answer the God-call by making sure only people with the right values are hired for jobs in Washington and by making sure those who “refuse to hear … God’s heart” are fired. No joke, Huckabee is suggesting that we should: 1) Find out whether government employees are true believers; 2) Fire those who aren’t.

How does this attitude strike you as a spiritual person?

B. de Corbin
15 Jun 2016, 22:56
I always wonder how the message of Jesus got twisted into a message of intolerance toward others. I imagine that there are a lot of Muslims who wonder the same thing about the prophet's message.

15 Jun 2016, 23:10
I will mention that ANY religious group,and I include even my own beliefs,can and will over time become a minefield of intolerance if allowed to fester,the term Religious privilege(fill in your own brand name religion) is a term that has come to mean,your privilege allows you to not be subject to any question as to your "Truth" being the only acceptable path,and considering other paths as folly.

15 Jun 2016, 23:10
I'm closing this thread for now and here's why.

Given the multi-faith platform that is Pagan Forum, a question like this regarding the stimuli

How does this attitude strike you as a spiritual person?

is what I'd call a loaded question. That is, there is only one right answer.

I don't believe this topic could be enriching for the community to engage in and would most likely end with someone breaking forum rules and slagging off about a particular religion, in this case Christianity (or possibly Atheism if we had some staunch Christians here). If anyone feels that their spirituality would be enhanced by discussing intolerance in Christianity, go ahead and pm me with your reasons as to why and I'll consider re-opening the thread with a different title and moderating it closely.

If you're annoyed by this Huckleberry guy Anu, you could follow your own suggestion and put this article in rants if you like.