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12 Sep 2016, 22:21
In the hospital, waiting to have my appendix removed about 6:00 AM CDT.

It's always fun and games at the fun factory...

12 Sep 2016, 22:34
Oh man. I hope they give you lots of drugs. Hope all goes smoothly. :(

12 Sep 2016, 23:09
Little late in life for this isn't it rick,but you know,never say never..get well soon and yeah the GOOD drugs..

13 Sep 2016, 01:07
Ooooh! No fun...

We'll be here when you're outta there! May your recovery be swift..

13 Sep 2016, 04:15
I hear appendectomies are much safer and less invasive now than they used to be. I had mine in the early 90's, and it was a pretty quick recovery for me back then. I hope you'll be able to enjoy the things you normally like to do, in no time.

13 Sep 2016, 04:40
Good luck & swift recovery!

13 Sep 2016, 05:39
I hope all goes well for you. I'll be praying for you.

13 Sep 2016, 06:20
Hope all went well and your now relaxing in recovery.

Tylluan Penry
13 Sep 2016, 07:57
Bloody hell! Hope you're out of surgery quickly and make a full and speedy recovery. Wyrd Blessings! :)

13 Sep 2016, 09:19
Hope you have a speedy recovery dearie

13 Sep 2016, 11:00
Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. Laparoscopy, three small incisions, in and out of surgery in about two hours. Yep, good drugs: morphine, versed, and some others. Just chillin', waiting to be released. Be about a week at home, then back to the grind.

Tylluan Penry
13 Sep 2016, 13:49
So glad you're okay! Don't go rushing to overdo things though! :)

13 Sep 2016, 14:34
Snaps fingers..SNAP...Missed him again..Signed the deep blue reaper.....like Capt. Kirk....RICK!!!!!!!!!!!! shaking fist..

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14 Sep 2016, 02:44
Swing and a miss... ;)

14 Sep 2016, 02:47
You are still to young for the cooking pot human.....and a little skinny,no meat on those bones...