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11 Nov 2017, 09:09
To our various vets, thank you for your service.

To everyone, may today go smoothly.

11 Nov 2017, 09:11
YES,go go VETS!

11 Nov 2017, 14:00
We call it Remembrance Day here in Canada.

11 Nov 2017, 15:01
Happy Veterans Day (or Remembrance Day)! Hope everyone has a great one!

12 Nov 2017, 06:32
So I went to the Remembrance Day ceremony here in town with my partner, a friend, and her roommate. We arrived a little late (during the moment of silence), so we stood at the very back of the assembly. About 15 minutes into the ceremony, during the wreathing, there is a commotion up at the front of the hall. I can't see what's going on from where I am, but I see someone suddenly hunch over, and you hear a woman sob. They stopped the ceremony and called paramedics in - I'm still not 100% sure what happened, but whoever it was, I think he had a heart attack!

Paramedics were called in, and then MORE paramedics showed up with a stretcher and a defib device, and when they rushed the poor fellow past us at the back of the doors, he didn't look conscious. Was dressed in military attire - we think maybe he was a veteran.

The ceremony continued without a hitch after that, but I wonder what happened to the old man. The eeriest part about it though, was that for the 10-15 minutes paramedics were on the scene, nobody made a single noise. The entire hall (of several hundred people) fell entirely silent. Nobody spoke, or gossiped, and the RCMP and military who were there for the ceremony, they either stayed seated, or those who volunteered to secure doors and guard the patient, they only whispered in each other's ears when they needed to relay a command.

It was kinda incredible.

12 Nov 2017, 06:42
Many VETS are older,and the ranks ar thinning day to day. Be strong brothers and sisters!

12 Nov 2017, 07:08
Yesterday just left me pissed off with a lot of people. I managed to catch most of a local ceremony that was spirited if low in attendance before going to work and discovering that everyone was shopping. I get that current US culture has transformed all holidays into excuses to spend more money but people can find something else to do between 11 AM and 12 PM on Nov 11. One hour, just one, that's all I'm asking. After that, everyone can go back to demonstrating that America's one true religion is spending money.