View Full Version : Imbolc Advice

28 Jan 2019, 16:11
A friend of mine, and myself, are planning on celebrating Imbolc. We’re both really new at this, and thus don’t quite know what we’re doing, although we would like to celebrate it.
We’re planning to make a bonfire (her property has a safe place where we could do so), and make potato soup, candied carrots and an Imbolc ritual cake provided by Wicca.com. Other than that (and probably just dancing around the bonfire either with or without music) we don’t have a plan.
Is there any advice you would give us?
Thank you :)

28 Jan 2019, 18:02
That sounds lovely! I also like to make candles at this time of year, but you've got the fire aspect covered already.

It sounds like it'll be a lovely time.

04 Feb 2019, 05:03
Honestly, I agree...that sounds lovely! I'm all for loosely planned spontaneous ritual. I think the most profound experiences come from such.