View Full Version : Happy Ostara 2020

21 Mar 2020, 16:34
I had a dream of a venison feast and women and men dressed in traditional witch clothings

In a barren field facing the sun with violins and drums they were dancing in line in duo, male male, female female,

It was a sort of demon like dance and awesome, I filmed myself doing both parters after the dreams to remember, it was way better than anything I have seen in traditional pagan feasts, would be awesome that the Gods awaken in people and celebrate their existence.

Happy spring equinox to everyone!

23 Mar 2020, 10:42
Sounds like an exciting and fun dream!

23 Mar 2020, 14:38
Yes, it is very positive and genuine.

Its a recurring dream, just noticed it is Ostara this year after accepting myself as I was and this is my first year of discovery.

Yesterday I realized the close proximity to magic of Egyptian hieratic scripts.