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19 Mar 2015, 05:35
My patroness is Sarasvati, and she was present for me in Japan as Benzaiten-sama. VERY present. In fact, I feel her very often more as Benzaiten-sama than as Sarasvati. That's how she came to me. She's led me on a winding journey to my own spirituality, and I love her so deeply as I've never loved anything else...she's a true Divine Love to me.

While I was doing research for my term paper the other day, I came across mention of a sect in Japan called Benzaiten-shu (macron over the U, FYI) I've googled it but come up with nothing, and it doesn't seem to have a Wikipedia entry. Sarasvati-sama thwacked the back of my head and told me to PAY ATTENTION. I filed the information away, but have done nothing for about a week.

Then last night, I had a dream that I don't think was brainspam. Basically, I met one of my favorite pagan authors at my favorite store in town. He was being a file clerk/receptionist, the job I held at my dad's office for several years. He saw me and suddenly started asking me about Benzaiten-sama. Then he tells me he can find someone who does Benzaiten-shu. Turns out she lives in Germany, and he can ask her questions for me (my brother-in-law is German...so that's where that came from) He calls her, despite my fretting about the time difference, and then all of a sudden he hands the phone to ME and says "she speaks English." And we talk about Benzaiten for a couple of minutes and laugh about our shared experiences, until...all of a sudden she just stops and says. "OK. Bye" and hangs up.

So I was wondering if anyone HERE knew anything about Benzaiten-shu, or if they knew where I should look? Any help would be MUCH appreciated.