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  1. Whatcha Eatin'?
  2. Medusa's Question Du Jour *the millenium edition!*
  3. Things that make you smile
  4. Favourite Quotes
  5. Confessions
  6. Tolerance
  7. Differences between US and UK English (and others....)
  8. When did you join PF?
  9. WHY did you join PF?
  10. Things you love(d) about being single
  11. Hypothetical Ruler...
  12. 50 Facts About You
  13. The Issue of Sexuality.
  14. Pictures for thalassa (Victorian dresses)
  15. Things that make you cry
  16. Angry Comedy
  17. Need Banners
  18. UK People- How is Boots so AWESOME?
  19. New Community Project
  20. Give-Away!
  21. Mexican Drug War
  22. Yukanaoe's Stuff
  23. Purpose
  24. Something *Nice* that happened today
  25. Getting Chat Rolling Again
  26. Cheap ($20-$30) home-made air conditioning - Instructables
  27. Books - uprising of christianity against Paganism
  28. On the road again!
  29. Do you have a bucket list?
  30. When you die...
  31. Texas Gov. Rick Perry and the Religious Reich
  32. Advice
  33. Tools in Paganizm
  34. Spirit In My House!
  35. Officially heading back to school!
  36. My Exhibition (Cuts? Whit Cuts?) Photos and such
  37. Gluten intolerance?
  38. Any AVG users?
  39. LIAR!
  40. How do you read?
  41. Looking for Goverment Advise in the form of Child support / Medical support
  42. Wild animals are roaming around in Ohio
  43. Would you put your brain in a robot body?
  44. Voynich manuscript - what the heck?
  45. The approach of 2012
  46. Things I've been meaning to do.
  47. Road of Sobriety
  48. Have a wonderful holiday
  49. Christmas gift advice
  50. NaNoWriMo
  51. Am I a Racist? Your thoughts and Opinions please
  52. Generalizing too much - semi rant?
  53. Advice on Teaching
  54. The Occupy Movement and Spirituality
  55. Holiday on the Mediterranean. ...Where should I go?
  56. Happy Holiday's to Everyone
  57. connceting to spirit guides
  58. OWS launches siege on US
  59. There are good people in the world...
  60. dreams and meditation
  61. Game Changer??
  62. weird feelings
  63. Hello, from the the new guy
  64. A Pagan friend of mine was just killed
  65. A possible career change?
  66. Halo Moon
  67. The Beauty of People and the World
  68. When to zeitgeist changes...
  69. Pagan Pen Pals
  70. SOPA Opera??
  71. Etta James dies
  72. Weird question about hearing
  73. SkyNet: ONLINE
  74. hearing energies
  75. Reasons you don't want to be a bug
  76. Newt Gingrich compares Gays and Paganism
  77. Whitney Houston dead at 48
  78. Anyone from Tennessee?
  79. Stupid questions and their answers
  80. Trying out SeaMonkey from Mozilla
  81. The Coffee Party.
  82. Differances between beliefs
  83. New people! Don't be shy.
  84. Ways to dispose of purpose made ritual items
  85. perhaps a chance for a home super computer??
  86. UFO'S
  87. Wishing I was "Wasting away in Margaritaville
  88. X'ers and Y'ers and Z'ers and Boomers oh my..Now C'ers
  89. I knew there was a reason I love cats.
  90. Gay marriage right wing style
  91. The Singularity
  92. Just yapping.
  93. Safety shopping
  94. Just Sea stories and BS from an old sailor
  95. Bird feeding Dog
  96. Are you a VERY private person?
  97. Brownie mary.
  98. Right or Left handed,it really does mean something.
  99. Wealthier People More Likely To Lie or Cheat, Researchers Find
  100. All the great quotes you ever need.
  101. Cats,and why you should never piss them off.
  102. U.S. Navy has got a BFG..Yeh kinda like in doom...
  103. Pagan Birthdays..and The question "Are Birthdays pagan"
  104. Where to go...to get away?
  105. Leap Day
  106. Happy Post!
  107. Myth busted: Sleep quality improves as you grow older
  108. Just something strange talking...
  109. To hand it in or not hand it in
  110. March in Michigan
  111. Probable cause hearing set for man charged with killing victim, eating brain in Conn.
  112. Help with a cat
  113. MORE Good News :)
  114. Govt. agencies, colleges demand applicants' Facebook passwords
  115. Aftermath..Question:Could you really survive.
  116. Things you can't never understand
  117. Who is Joseph Kony?
  118. Marijuana,should it be legal,and regulated,or Not?
  119. Solar flare coming our way.
  120. Which would you prefer to be?
  121. If you could decide, what animal you would be?
  122. Fundraising...
  123. Get lost! Where?
  124. Arizona sheriff finds Obama presidential qualifications forged
  125. A Political Shocker in China Has Implications for the Economy
  126. Tornado reported in Michigan
  127. George Clooney arrested, handcuffed, outside Sudan embassy in D.C.
  128. In GOP race, voters divided over religionís place in politics.
  129. Mass. clinic offers free pizza for vasectomy during March Madness
  130. My life can be weird sometimes....
  131. War Is Brain-Damaging
  132. Brazil Bars Oil Workers From Leaving After Spill
  133. 10 Reasons the Rest of the World Thinks the U.S. Is Nuts
  134. Poll: Too much religion talk
  135. Woman sees image of Jesus in power meter
  136. Worst Pagan/metaphysical store you've visited?
  137. Chocolate lovers are thinner, study says
  138. Strange food preferences
  139. Squaring off in America
  140. Doomsday 2012: Thousands queue for UFO rescue at Pic de Bugarach
  141. Family, the Future, and Treasure maps
  142. As seen on TV
  143. Whay does your image say to other people
  144. Into the Machine,the life and our understanding of the Machine.
  145. Trolling Could Get You 25 Years in Jail in Arizona
  146. Glastonbury Holy Thorn Tree attacked
  147. Travon Martin: The question is not about the actual killing.
  148. National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week - April 8-14, 2012
  149. What do you think?
  150. Would you go away?
  151. Medusa's QDJ (the Quetzalcoatl Apocalypse version!)
  152. My Gnostic exploration is complete.
  153. energy manipulation
  154. Monk's Lament
  155. the dream of the girl with really long hair
  156. VenusAngelic: Harmless or Bad Parenting?
  157. Debate Topic 2012 do you believe or not?
  158. Imagination Block
  159. Recent LGBT news
  160. Police Calling
  161. Picking a job
  162. BIGGEST problem with SMALLEST return
  163. My Country and the damage done
  164. Dead Birds?
  165. How old do you want to get to?
  166. Becoming A Fictional Character? A New Study Says, Maybe!
  167. Save Mrs. B...Again
  168. My favorite ocean view
  169. Brains, beauty, money, or power?
  170. Something unusual that happened to me today..
  171. Just wondering...
  172. Loving Where You Live
  173. About the pleasure of walking barefoot
  174. What book(s) have helped you along your path ?
  175. Summer Solstice, Mid Summer Sabbat Celebration ( What are you doing ? )
  176. Wine or beer? Or something else? Or nothing?
  177. Inspiring Pics
  178. What song do you like to sing ?
  179. Difficult time with a dear friends point of veiw on holidays
  180. How do I Jumpstart my Tarot Business?
  181. Anyone know what Moshi Monsters are?
  182. College and my paranoia...I need some advice
  183. URGENT advice needed on getting rid of a spider.
  184. Not sure if I should post this...but, here it goes...
  185. Starting a new book (advice needed)
  186. Dogs going off to die alone, any theories why?
  187. I totally get it now
  188. Have you ever wanted a different name?
  189. Love Is Evil
  191. A big can of worms...
  192. Favorite Childhood Place?
  193. And now a word from...
  194. Stupid question
  195. Astrology Predictions
  196. Cultural Appropriation
  197. Pagan Gatherings in the UK
  198. Let the elections be done and over with
  199. BatSh*t republicans may just hand the win to Obama.
  200. Really??? WTF
  201. NGO? Is this legal?
  202. question about a picture
  203. The greatest human fear concerning Aliens
  204. Strange things happening
  205. help on sexual orientation
  206. Yggdrasil tattoo idea.
  207. Xoxo happy
  208. Dreams/Visions
  209. Advise and Advisement Please?
  210. First Event What should I expect?
  211. NirLauncher great program suite
  212. Dating Etiquette
  213. Repubs find the smoking gun,and it is their own gun..Voter fraud
  214. Needing some help.
  215. Please help me find an audio cassette (yep cassette :)
  216. So much better!
  217. Are American voters brain dead,or do politicans think we are?
  218. PUTF gone?
  219. Close link between creativity and mental illness
  220. Giving stuff away!
  221. Kuda Kepang, new dance for my life , so funny !
  222. Six figure jobs for you
  223. Any vets out there? Warning: Sad
  224. what is your favorite pizza flavor ?
  225. Stright out of the Jersey storm
  226. This May sound silly but Have I accidentally cursed myself?
  227. Washington and Colorado legalize it, just for fun...
  228. Some help from my American friends
  229. Secret Obama Mind-Control Plot
  230. prayer beads!
  231. Unpopular Opinions.
  232. Help me name my sword.
  233. Why Wiccans Suck
  234. I saw this and thought about ____________.
  235. Cord Cutters (the quit your cable thread)
  236. Farmers aren't Evil
  237. Kitten having a nightmare
  238. Looking for a party?
  239. Romantic getaway in a colon
  240. Can I interest you in something gross?
  241. The English Language Sucks
  242. The TV series thread - to discuss the action
  243. Fun at the Post office
  244. What will you do on the last day? 12/21/2012
  245. Anglish
  246. If you could have the definitive answer to one question only, what would it be?
  247. Karma or Comeuppance?
  248. Strange dreams...
  249. Disable Java!
  250. Hey Bagelhead!