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  1. Whatcha Eatin'?
  2. Things that make you smile
  3. Confessions
  4. About the pleasure of walking barefoot
  5. Unpopular Opinions.
  6. Linguistics and the Craft
  7. Medusa's Quesion du jour (the year of the horse edition!)
  8. Teachers!
  9. quitting
  10. What Are You Thinking About?
  11. Army - how is it? How does it work?
  12. Developing 6th sense
  13. Nightmares? Night terrors? What is this?
  14. Who's in Chat?
  15. How fast is the world population growing?
  16. Weight, Health and Social Image
  17. World’s Seven Wonders!
  18. What and where is the Black Forest?
  19. Добрый день! - Or: Good Day to you!
  20. Generally,who do you feel you can trust in the Government?
  21. Religion gone wild
  22. We all gonna die,and this is why.
  23. Lego Artwork
  24. Hells Bells, this just floors me.
  25. Help me understand what I'm feeling (Moon, Earth, Stars, Nature)
  26. Nomadic
  27. Here's To Eternity
  28. Jazz Hands
  29. The Big Thread about Pope Francis, and what he's done now!
  30. Vegemite Vs. Marmite Vs. Other Stuff
  31. Is your house haunted? How to tell.
  32. Interesting site for information on angels and demons
  33. feral cats and feral people
  34. Time change - from Daylight Saving Time to Winter Time
  35. At what point is killing allowed in your ethics.
  36. Homelessness a crime?,or something to be treated with kindness and compassion?
  37. Putin plans to leave G20 early after West blasts Russia over Ukraine
  38. Poetry, or Something Attempting to Be Such ...
  39. The Internet Ephermal and Copyright Longetivity
  40. Jubilee and Assassin's Guilds Through History
  41. PF Annual Xmas Card Exchange! (2014)
  42. Today I Learned
  43. Which to use for learning a new language?
  44. I'm new to this, doing an art project on Wicca and paganism, need some opinions!
  45. Bird bomb found by Afgan police.
  46. Thank You, Universe
  47. What Are You Doing?
  48. Can't stop laughing at this..Carjackers can't drive a stick..
  49. Btw, I'd just like to say thanks
  50. Love you some swine?? Found:the true Bacon heaven.
  51. "Crows Can Understand Analogies"
  52. The Future Is Here...
  53. I think both sides missed the point here
  54. What da hell Mama earth?
  55. Perfect Christmas Hat...with Patrick Stewart
  56. I feel confused
  57. New Facebook User Terms
  58. Meteor Shower
  59. Snakes in the deain....
  60. Weird Dream
  61. Just maybe,take a break in gaming everyonce in a while..Because this.
  62. For all PF's cat lovers :)
  63. Good Scandinavian Pagan/Witchcraft supply shops?
  64. Are you a Witch? How to tell.
  65. Gonna be a bumper crop of GOP runners again I think.
  66. Maybe I wished a bit to hard for snow..
  67. believable incoorporation
  68. That English thing I was bugging people about;
  69. Talking about hippies
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  71. australian
  72. Anti-rant and the Rise of Humanity. NY, 10 days, no murder
  73. conspiracy theorys: what do you think?
  74. dream
  75. All I can say here is,WHAT?
  76. Perhaps a debate:Free range parenting.
  77. Dead guy inside statue - it's a thing
  78. Giant fish from hell
  79. This is why people have a weird view of what is important:What color is the dress?
  80. For Gleb - Music for cats
  81. Help with an Interview Question
  82. What makes people become obsessed in belief.
  83. (Just for fun) what language(s) would you want to learn off of this list?
  84. 35 Random Corners Of The Internet You Should Visit When You Need A Break
  85. Exorcisms in gooberment
  86. “Stop The Robot” Rally: Huge Crowd Participated in Anti-Robot Protest
  87. Really bad ideas that look like fun anyway
  88. New dogs - oh crap!
  89. Tell us who you are
  90. Medusa's QDJ (the year of THE WOLVERINE!)