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  15. Gay woman wants priest relieved of duties after communion
  16. Christians have no right to wear cross at work, says Government
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  36. My Patented Weird Christianity, by Malflick, a Q&A
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  39. White Magick and Christianity mix?
  40. Going back to Christianity, but still not sure =/
  41. What If The Bible Had Never Been Written
  42. Why is the Serpent punished for telling the truth
  43. Apostasy in Islam
  44. Parallel existence of other gods
  45. When Jesus confronted Satan
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  47. The Divinity of Christ
  48. Different or basically the same?
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  56. why is Jesus depicted as a white man
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  59. The Nephilim, Genetic Hybrids, and the Days of Noah
  60. Deliverance!
  61. Is it a good idea to invoke Saint Michael?
  62. Is my God your God, your point of view?
  63. Is Ra El?
  64. Satan Is The God Of Jesus, according to the bible (video)
  65. metaphorical bible
  66. How do we reconcile a wrathful God of the OT to a loving, benevolent God currently ?
  67. What would Judaism, Christianity, and Islam be without Satan?
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  71. Why Suicide Bombings and the beliefs behind them
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