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  1. Science vs Religion: Whats the difference?
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  5. Alchemic, Astrological, and related symbology.
  6. Going live on the interweb.
  7. How not to broadcast everything about yourself over the interwebs
  8. correlation and causation - nada
  9. So I'm doing an experiment...
  10. What makes someone a "pseudo-intellectual"?
  11. GMO: Harmful or Helpful
  12. Fear
  13. Thought question fun
  14. What about chickens?
  15. What about the Immortal Jellyfish? (with apologies to BDC)
  16. The Matrix question
  17. Mystery of the Wandering Stones is SOLVED!!!
  18. Hope for the Peanut Allergic...
  19. teen boys have brain to blame for poor choicrs
  20. animals nevrer cease to amaze
  21. Tree of life?
  22. lions in india?
  23. Gonna (probably) hit 11 Bil by 2100
  24. Chytrid and the Frog Population
  25. A cool video about Cats for Gleb...Documentary
  26. Looks like Dr.s will be out of a job soon...
  27. Invasive species discussion (split from cat thread)
  28. Test your scinece literacy!
  29. 20 year lid Ice Princes wasn't a hippy. She had cancer
  30. there is no now..from PBS
  31. Is it dangerous to develop artificial intelligence?
  32. Antares rocket explosion
  33. Prize winning photos of little things
  34. Another diagnosis for the DSM
  35. Ebola question for Thalassa?
  36. How do you feel when something you believed to be true is debunked by science?
  37. When Google farts,people listen...
  38. Well, that explains it - Stupid Virus
  39. Just so cool graphic thing about global co2 stuff(Just watch) its cool.
  40. Microsoft robot guards and dalek's
  41. Tablet OS - which one to choose? Why?
  42. Death Ray ahoy.....
  43. Religiousity, not Education, determines Evolution acceptance
  44. Bullet changes direction in flight
  45. Artificial Sperm And Egg Created Using Stem Cell
  46. Self driving Car..
  47. New Tech that is so very cool.
  48. Germany Set to Open Up Autobahn to Self-Driving Vehicles
  49. Testing your knowledge about animals ...........
  50. Environmental Pollution, the thread...
  51. Does the future frighten you?
  52. Ladies, his finger will tell you if he's nice (and other useful info)
  53. We might eliminate guinea worm...
  54. Paralyzed woman pilots F-35 fighter jet simulator using mind control
  55. NASA successfully tests engine that uses no fuel, violates the laws of physics
  56. Powdered alcohol gets federal agency’s approval
  57. Hunters pay more for conservation that peeps that just like wildlife
  58. I love NdGT.
  59. the psychology of $$$
  60. Quantum Physics and Spirituality.
  61. The "Stick" computer
  62. Dealing with grief over climate change.
  63. Let's go beyond earth!
  64. Warm blooded fish found swimming in the cold
  65. Glimpse of Bronze Age girl's daily life from hair, clothes
  66. Cool mushrooms for your viewing pleasure
  67. Toxic weed that causes chemical burns and blistering (Warning)
  68. What Purpose do Humans Serve In our Ecosystem
  69. Don't go in the water.
  70. Consciousness and Reality
  71. Gone the way of the dodo--Welcome to the Anthropocine
  72. Cthulhu spotted on Pluto!
  73. Robot Demonstrates Self-Awareness
  74. Earth 2
  75. Alpha Centauri...
  76. A little something from science to make your head explode ..:Is Our Universe a Fake?
  77. What should be done about human-caused extinction?
  78. Science Q&A
  79. Energy efficiency and alternative energy sources
  80. Picture this... What's in your mind?
  81. Your Life on Earth...
  82. Nefertiti's tomb? Been there all along...
  83. Enjoying Chemistry
  84. Hypnosis
  85. Yes, this!
  86. Chemistry Cat tells Nerd Jokes...
  87. For Kemetics - before you give the bird to Ra...
  88. Evidence Of Earliest Ritualized Decapitation
  89. Researchers Link Human Brains
  90. Have we found an advanced alien civilization?
  91. The First Monkey Prostitute
  92. Boeing creates the lightest-weight metal ever: Microlattice
  93. Futuristic Society Today
  94. Art for absolute science nerds
  95. The Politics of your Brain
  96. Despite what you've heard, we need MORE poop
  97. Can a tractor beam be made? Yes!
  98. Witches, chicks, and your brain on juju
  99. Archaeoastronomy
  100. We now know what ancient zombies ate...
  101. Does the forest breathe?
  102. night + sound = paranoia
  103. Epigenetics in cartoon form
  104. What is your opinion on editing human DNA?
  105. The Science Of Negative People
  106. Robots
  107. When averages fail horribly...
  108. IQ
  109. Three can keep a secret if two are dead...
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  112. British scientists granted permission to genetically modify human embryos