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  22. lions in india?
  23. Gonna (probably) hit 11 Bil by 2100
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  26. Looks like Dr.s will be out of a job soon...
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  29. 20 year lid Ice Princes wasn't a hippy. She had cancer
  30. there is no now..from PBS
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  32. Antares rocket explosion
  33. Prize winning photos of little things
  34. Another diagnosis for the DSM
  35. Ebola question for Thalassa?
  36. How do you feel when something you believed to be true is debunked by science?
  37. When Google farts,people listen...
  38. Well, that explains it - Stupid Virus
  39. Just so cool graphic thing about global co2 stuff(Just watch) its cool.
  40. Microsoft robot guards and dalek's
  41. Tablet OS - which one to choose? Why?
  42. Death Ray ahoy.....
  43. Religiousity, not Education, determines Evolution acceptance
  44. Bullet changes direction in flight
  45. Artificial Sperm And Egg Created Using Stem Cell
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  48. Germany Set to Open Up Autobahn to Self-Driving Vehicles
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