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  1. Random and mostly forgotten moments in history
  2. History and Prehistory of Religion
  3. How to rule the world!
  4. That explains it. Magic, not reform, will save the world
  5. Things That Are Racist
  6. A conspiracy you need to know about
  7. Saudi Arabia Threatens to Sell Off Billions in U.S. Assets if Congress Passes 9/11 Bi
  8. 9/11 bill
  9. What was 'Witchcraft' and 'The Witch Craze' in Early Modern Europe?
  10. DNA Secrets of Ice Age Europe Unlocked
  11. North Carolina says it will defy feds over LGBT law
  12. Who controls the past controls the future
  13. King Tutankhamen and the meteor blade
  14. Prehistoric British agriculture more sophisticated than previously thought
  15. King Arthur's castle?
  16. They are willing to destroy this country
  17. Here The Reason Why Impeachment Won't Work For Donald Trump
  18. Shadow Goverment
  19. The painting known as "Hecate" by William Blake 1795
  20. My Honest Opinion On Donald Trump
  21. Magic in the Middle Ages on Coursera
  22. Explosive House Hearing today 7/12/18...
  23. Religious Liberty Summit
  24. Fox on denmark
  25. The notoris RBG(SAY YEH)
  26. any leftists on here?