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05 Jun 2015, 18:39
Okay, so here I am, attempting to add pictures to differing threads, and it won't let me load them. I've tried a couple different tricks to get it to happen, but it won't. Does anyone else have this problem while running the forum through their phone? I have an iPhone 6, and have tried using Google Chrome and Safari.

- - - Updated - - -

I might have figured it out, but for those who do not know how to, here's a step by step for you.
1. When posting, hit "Go Advanced"
2. There should be an option that says "Manage Attachments" click it
3. Upload a photo on that link, view the uploaded photo, and copy the link.
4. Go back to this forum, go to the link attachment, post link
5. Enjoy :)

05 Jun 2015, 19:18
I can't say that I've attempted to upload a picture via phone. I'll see if there's a more straight forward way of doing so via mobile devices.

Thanks for the step by step in the mean time. :)

05 Jun 2015, 19:20
So,you are saying that "Smart phones" are not as smart as we would hope?

05 Jun 2015, 19:27
So,you are saying that "Smart phones" are not as smart as we would hope?

They're only as smart as we tell them to be.

05 Jun 2015, 20:36
Honestly, It took me a good hour to even get those steps, I'm pretty sure that's the only way to upload using a phone. Correct me in the future of you find an easier solution though.

05 Jun 2015, 20:37
I don't have an iphone. :) They hurt my brain.