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22 Jul 2015, 08:06
Something that may be baggage from my previous lives as Christian and Hindu is my propensity to honor and worship the gods before the wights and ancestors. I'm reading from some sources how the wights and ancestors should actually take precedence over worshiping the gods. I feel I can relate to the gods more than I can to the wights and ancestors. Maybe because I have an image in my head of what the gods are and what they look like. In the Bhagavad Gita (12.5) Krishna says it is difficult to advance spiritually by trying to focus on that which is unmanifest. This is usually taken as his endorsement of using images of the gods. I'm not Hindu anymore, but I still believe certain things. I've seen people who feel closer to the gods, and have heard people who felt the gods' presence referred to as "special snowflakes". I don't see why this should be so. Despite calling ourselves Ásatrúar, Ásatrú is the Icelandic flavor of Heathenism; ironically Icelanders do give precedence to the wights and ancestors over the gods.

Views, opinions?

23 Jul 2015, 00:05
Thorbjorn, check out this book: Elves, Wights, and Trolls by Kveldulf Gundarrson. I think you'll find at least some of what you're looking for in it.


23 Jul 2015, 07:13
I just got that book delivered yesterday, along with a few others. :) I'll read that first.