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30 Jul 2015, 07:32
In light of how insightful the snake symbolism thread is, I'm wondering if I can glean some more detailed information regarding frogs.
I've come across a few things, mainly regarding their transformation properties and the ability to cross between the watery and earthy worlds.

But whenever they come into my life it usually precedes a massive life change, and one that generally includes a major loss or sacrifice and brings around a new phase that is maybe 1/10 of what I was hoping it would be. It may be entirely unrelated, or it may be related in a way that I'm not really aware of.

Anywho, please share your froggy insights. :)

30 Jul 2015, 10:21
I can't claim to be totally sure, but maybe your massive life changes are like when the frog metamorphoses from egg to tadpole to adult. The major loss or sacrifice may represent how the frog loses something when it changes (think about how tadpoles lose their tails when they become adults). Just my thoughts. I hope this helps somewhat.

30 Jul 2015, 11:13
Froggy insights.. Let's see here.. Perhaps you want to look up Heqet (read as Heket) of Kemet.
Here are two links connected to her:

I hope that helps! :)

30 Jul 2015, 12:02
One could also add the caterpillar that changes into a butterfly or Moth..Almost one might think Death and resurrection,as the caterpillar is wrapped in a shroud and over time returns as a different being.

30 Jul 2015, 14:28
Frogs are pretty interesting creatures, really, and the symbolism can be wide and varied. As mentioned, they are big on change, from tadpole to frog, and it's been thought that the loss of something major is imminent but it is for the best and allows you to learn, grow, and change so that you may continue your life. This is symbolized by the way that the tadpole's tail is lost, it's primary mode of locomotion, and is replaced by legs.

Here's a few other things that they're a symbol of:

Motherhood and Childcare - While it's more common in toads, the two are closely related so it can be applied to both. Frogs will sometimes carry their young and their eggs on their backs, thus allowing them to keep them safe and to move them about as needs be.

Adaption - Obviously, frogs are amphibious, and this is a sign of their ability to change and adapt to various situations. Also, either through natural coloring or an ability to modify color, frogs are able to blend into the background, this can translate over into the adaptive properties as well. And don't forget those that can spontaneously change their sex so that they can continue the species.

Sudden Movement - Hop hop, jump jump, from here to there. When needed, they can move quickly, and over great distances in one sudden burst of energy. Be on the look out for things that are speeding along, and make sure that the opportunities are not going to pass you by.

So that's all I can think of right now. Hope it helps!

30 Jul 2015, 18:58
Thank you all for the different perspectives, it gives me a bit more to mull over. Which is always a good thing. :)

31 Jul 2015, 07:34
Just my own observations but frogs / toads tend to be masters of illusion, deception and concealment. Many times it seems you will not see them until they either feel a threat which causes them to move or something motivates them to move. Doesn't matter if it be the green frog at the edge of a pond, the tree frog, or any of the toads. You can stand almost on top of them and never notice them. More often than not it seems, to me anyway, that it takes great patience, determination and focus to penetrate the frogs illusions.

While normally seen as individuals it also seems, to me again, that they work as both an attached whole and a detached individual. Listen to the croaking from a whole group of frogs around a pond, river or even in the tree's. Approach an area and they stop croaking though those ahead and behind continue as they warn of the intruder or threat to the whole. Watch one frog leap into space and descend into the water and notice how many others around it squat down into the mud or bury themselves into the grass and / or foliage.

A lot of times they are liminal creature's in that they live in one environment, are born in another and many times live at the juncture of the two. Consider the tree frogs spends nearly all its life in the tree's yet returns to the water to breed. Many frogs live upon the shore at the waters edge yet return to the water to escape or hunt. Consider the Bull Frog that lies in wait for the insect to land upon the water or move along the waters edge where it strikes out from its concealment. Yet its also a matter of adaption in that they are equally capable of surviving in both environments. So in that capacity they also sit astride two elemental domains, usually earth and water and possess characteristics of both.

I would say they are also transformation and transmutation in motion from birth to death. Starting out as an egg, then to a tadpole, then to a combination of frog and tadpole until finally a frog. I say transformation going from aquatic to semi-aquatic though still tied to the water for mating and creation. Yet transmutation in that they evolve from breathing through gills and such to breathing in oxygen via other methods. Realize that is not transmutation such as converting from solid to something else via fire for instance but the processing of oxygen from taking in from water to actually breathing in air just strikes me that way.