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03 Sep 2015, 04:19
How do you get yourself back to the 'home mood' after work or school? I've often noticed that I'm quite restless when I come home and usually jump straight away to the computer to check all the forums and other 'things of great importance'. I've heard some people suggest that it would be good to do something a bit more relaxing when you get back home... :D

03 Sep 2015, 04:28
I'm on the train home from school now :p today I'm going for a song lesson on the way home which is great. Normally I just crash on the couch and watch tv for a bit, or go for a walk if the weather is nice.

03 Sep 2015, 05:07
I take a shower. For me, there's nothing like grabbing that 10 minutes to wash away the day and decompress.

03 Sep 2015, 05:30
Off with the bra!!!

03 Sep 2015, 07:19
A shower, cup of tea and a book

B. de Corbin
03 Sep 2015, 07:51
Off with the bra!!!

I keep suggesting this to K'Roe, but she usually leaves even her name tag on until 6.

I take the dogs out for a walk in the enchanted forest.

03 Sep 2015, 08:13
Off with the bra!!!


I commute home on my bike (meh, it's down the street 20 minutes away :p )
I put on my headphones and get into my zombie world! At home it's change into yoga pants and tank top and bare feet.

03 Sep 2015, 11:10
Off with the bra!!!
This. I have a 45 minute drive home, so as soon as I get home at 930pm, I go straight to my room, change. Then I'll take care of my lunchbox (if I have it) and pack a lunch for tomorrow. After I putter around for those 10-20 minutes, I have no qualms about laying on the couch, grabbing my laptop, and watching TV until bed.

03 Sep 2015, 11:20
Off with the bra!!!
Also, cup of tea, grab a cat, and settle down to check the messages.

03 Sep 2015, 11:36
I normally go straight to my computer too. if it's not school work, it's personal work.... I work a lot. even my "fun stuff" qualifies as work

if it was a really long, exhausting day, I might take a few minutes to get myself a cup of something, maybe change clothes. but usually, I'm... kinda always working, so Idk what "break time" is

03 Sep 2015, 12:12
Changing my clothes and doing my hair. And after that I usually feel quite relaxed.
Also spending time with my cats and my dog helps me calm down.

09 Sep 2015, 13:36
My wind down typically begins with the drive home. I get in my car, wind the windows down if it's hot or turn on the seat warmers if it's cold, I plug my phone into the radio and pop my driving playlist on shuffle. My drive home is down a country road so I tend to blast my music and sing/screech along to my fav tunes and let out the days stress.

whdn I get home it's green and mint infused tea, a 20 min quiet time and then on with the evening :D

09 Sep 2015, 13:37
I work at home, so I'm at home on the computer all day. I usually wind down and separate my time by cooking/eating dinner. After dinner is "me" time.

09 Sep 2015, 19:51
First is walking the dogs. I honestly don't feel like I can start to relax until the boys have been out and fed. Then depending on the night and my level of tired I make dinner. Most of the time I have no interest in making dinner but I get it done. I really start to relax though when I sit on the couch and come here. I see how everyone is doing and it all just kind of falls away. Some nights I have a bit of whiskey some nights I have some tea but my body tells me its bed time at about 2 am each night.

11 Sep 2015, 11:35
I walk in, drop all of my crap by the door, and take off my shirt. I get myself something to drink, then just let myself sink into the computer chair.

11 Sep 2015, 15:01
I don't have much 'home time' after work. I have a set ritual of things I do before bed though, and they all add up to take me from work mode to sleep mode. I'm sure I've already described that somewhere though, so I'll spare you. I pretty much start getting ready for bed as soon as JP gets out of the bathroom (I clean and tidy the flat until then). I think the fact that I do the same things every morning after work helps me to automatiically get into that 'sleep zone'. My wind down routine includes filling in a little journal (very brief though), and writing down 4 positive things about the last 24 hrs.

My down time on a work night is the 4 hours before work. I prefer not to lounge around in my PJ's, because if I'm showered, dressed and made up, I'm more likely to agree to Japanese practice via webcam if anyone invites me. Something I insist on though, is wearing either a dress or a skirt and not changing into my jeans until just before I set off. Skirts are 'free time' clothes to me!

JP, who works days and hates his job, has an even simpler way of winding down. As soon as he gets home, all his clothes come off! If it's cold he might wear a dressing gown, but more often than not he just sits around in his birthday suit..

11 Sep 2015, 15:18
Enter house. Head to my room. Clothes off if it's hot, if it's chilly, then lit up fire place. Pop up a bottle of cold beer/cider, ring up the pizza guy, sink in the couch and watch a movie. Wait till pizza comes, nom-nom, smoke hookah and have a nonna nap :)

11 Sep 2015, 19:03
Commuting via bicycle has transformed my life in so many ways. The ride home really allows time to blow off steam, and reflect.

30 Sep 2015, 04:05
I take a bus home from school, but after I get dropped off I have to walk up most of a whole mountain just to get to my house. When I get home i just go on my laptop.

30 Sep 2015, 04:15
Usually I put ny bag on the floor, put my "home" outfit on and eirher sit in front of my laptop with a cup of tea, or lay down on my bed, relax and let my mind rest.

30 Sep 2015, 06:09
I envy you people with any kind of relaxation/switching on the home mode skills! :D
Perhaps I'll just take a three hour nap...

30 Sep 2015, 18:12
Pajamas, cuddling with my puppy and internet!

10 Oct 2015, 10:36
Commuting can be the most stressful part of the day. I'm in the DC area, so an hour and half is the minimum commute either way for me. I'm on a motorcycle most days though, so if I can take the more rural routes that gives me some decompression, even if it adds time on the road. Once I'm home, I have no problem switching into that frame of mind, and usually sit down with my computer, my Tarot cards, runes, or whatever else I feel like getting into. If I'm feeling energetic and it's early enough, I may get in the kitchen and cook something up for the family.