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20 Sep 2015, 16:41
So we went along to our first-ever meet up with the local pagan group since (Oh, gods, *thinks*) 2008 (?). (And even then, we only went to one ritual and a lecture.)

It was amazing! I was totally freaking out because my town is so conservative and our community is so small here that you always expect a major clash of personalities. And I may be biased, but I always think pagans are smart by definition. I mean, it takes a lot of research and personal strength to be a pagan, amirite? And clever people like to show off that they're clever, and sometimes we get competitive.

There's always that one guy--you know that One Guy--who has to demonstrate to everyone how much wiser and more insightful he is.

Anyway, I've been doing lots of readings and such about it and getting kind of mixed results which were partially probably just my own insecurities coming out, and I shouldn't have worried because it turned out to be awesome! Everyone was really nice and cool, and so so smart :-) But not obnoxiously so. Kinda quirky-smart. And the house was PACKED! They expected 9 people, and by the time everyone crammed in, there were like twenty. You have no idea, guys. 20 might as well be a thousand in my town. And they were talking about people who couldn't make it on a Sunday.

The meetups usually include a lecture or a discussion of some sort, and this week's was on Seidr and Galdr, which is cool because I've been kicking around getting back into runes, and I even have a GORGEOUS set on layaway.

So yeah, they're doing a Mabon thing out at our favourite park on the 25th and if we're in town, we might just go :-D

Over to you guys. Is there a group in your area that you meet with on a regular basis, or do you prefer to work alone?

20 Sep 2015, 19:19
Well, after three years here there will be a Pagan gathering and potluck dinner at the park at the end of this month (September).
We have only had contact with two other pagans in the last three years. It will be interesting to see what happens.

27 Sep 2015, 10:39
Today is the day! I feel like a kid. (it has been 44 years since my introduction into a formal group)
I have been making preparations this last week and it dawned on me that I might need references. I worked with many pagans from many different paths so I wrote a few emails very early this morning.
I have gotten 4 letters of recommendation and three phone numbers from some of the elders I worked with. in just eleven hours. I feel homesick but excited to finally connect with my new family here.
The bread is made and the soup is cooking. I will shower and cleanse my body, mind and spirit before leaving for the potluck. I expect good things from this day.

27 Sep 2015, 10:57
I haven't been part of a group since probably 2005-2006. And even then, that was just a coffee witch n brew.

I think there are three witches in my town, haha.

Edit: That being said, I have parties on all the solstices and equinoxes...and they are REALLY well attended. Like better than any other potlucks or parties I've held. I've actually heard people around town talk about how they really can't wait for the winter solstice party this year.

Last year, I did an impromptu word-of-mouth solstice bonfire party. It was attended by about 30 people, and I've overheard people in town just assume it's a regular yearly thing. I can't disappoint, now can I! :D

27 Sep 2015, 17:58
Last year, I did an impromptu word-of-mouth solstice bonfire party. It was attended by about 30 people, and I've overheard people in town just assume it's a regular yearly thing. I can't disappoint, now can I! :D
Let's hear it for our northern neighbors EH? ... You give them a good reason to get out of the house ...

27 Sep 2015, 19:40
The first annual(?) Pagan potluck in the park went off without a hitch. We had about forty adults participate and I got a chance to meet some very lovely folks. We had some military present and I have what seems like a lot of interest in classes. I will work with the owner of the only local pagan store in an effort to improve her customer base and as a point to coordinate classes. I have a couple of women who would like some help with healing and energy work. I am fairly certain that they will be contacting me in the next week for our first session. I know I can help them if they truly want the help. I just have to find out if they really want what they ask. There are so many new to the pagan path that I want to start with a 101 class just to see how many are really interested.

The soup and cinnamon bread were devoured and I have half a loaf of sourdough to enjoy before I make more. My wife wants me to make more cinnamon sourdough and I, the loving husband, will make it for her. Perhaps I will double the cinnamon and add crushed apples to it for her.

For a moment we thought that a band of Christians walking by with signs were going to be a problem but they were out promoting their missionaries so we smiled and waved them on, using all the fingers on the hand. ;)