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21 Sep 2015, 10:01
Do you have a sibling. I got an older brother who's 43 years old and I'm 30 years old. We get along just fine and sometimes we argue. He's think that he's always right all the time and I disagree about that. :)

21 Sep 2015, 10:05
I'm 18 (yay!) and have an almost 4 year old little sister. She's a brat. Only seems to be cute. :p And yes, I love her. But she's still a brat.

21 Sep 2015, 10:08
I have 2 older brothers and an older sister. It's an interesting dynamic sometimes, and other times it's just plain frustrating.

21 Sep 2015, 10:14
Have five younger siblings of which four are alive.

22 Sep 2015, 07:43
I have 11 siblings. 8 brothers and three sisters. It gets complicated but we are family first.

23 Sep 2015, 02:57
I have two half-brothers that I am 18 and 20 years older than. And 3 ex-step-brothers.

23 Sep 2015, 03:53
I had 1 brother and two sisters..but now it is just myself and my younger sister.

23 Sep 2015, 04:08
I've got two brothers, one six years and the other eight years older. Growing up, I was left out as at that time those years were a big deal. Now, though, it's no biggie. One lives a few hours away, and the other about 15 minutes away. Unfortunately, I have so much more in common with the one who lives farther.

23 Sep 2015, 04:27
No, I'm an only child.

25 Sep 2015, 17:31
I have one younger sister and one younger brother.
They are both adorable!

It used to get on my nerves having siblings when I was a kid, but now that I'm older, I'm very thankful for them :)

I live with my sister right now. My brother lives a couple states away so I do still get to see him occasionally.

26 Sep 2015, 22:12
I am first born and only male of 6 ... I am currently the oldest living member and male in the famiy at 60 years ode ...

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27 Sep 2015, 01:26
Oh my, You are still just a pup!
I pity you the four younger sisters. Five women and just two men... That had to suck!
I had an older brother and an older sister. The other nine siblings were younger and some were enough younger that they were a pain. I love them now and we all look forward to getting together a couple of times a year. By the time I was married, I had changed more diapers than most mothers.

02 Oct 2015, 17:14
I have two 17 year old brothers and one 21 year old brother((17 myself)). I do have arguments with the two brothers my age but the 21 year old one I get along with perfectly. Most arguments I do however is with one of my brothers and my grandmother, my grandmother is one of those Donald Trump supporters who complains about Mexican and Asian immigrants, and many of my friends just so happen to be immigrants so me and her argue about it. My brother wants to stay here in NY but I want to move back to NC to finish up High School, so we argue about that.

06 Oct 2015, 08:46
I have a younger brother. He's 2 years younger than me (I'm 31 and he's 29) and is super cool. I wish I got to see him more often.

11 Oct 2015, 13:41
I was adopted by my aunt and uncle, so I have two brothers who are actually my cousins and five cousins who are actually my sisters. Four of the latter are half-sisters. One will have nothing to do with any of us. One only speaks to me, not the rest, on occasion. I'm very close with my youngest half-sister and my full sister, as well as with my eldest brother.

11 Oct 2015, 14:04
I've got two brothers. One is a year older than me, and the other is adopted and ten years younger than me.

11 Oct 2015, 15:52
I have two half-siblings; an older brother who's 37 and an older sister who's 33. I'm 27 and we all have different fathers.

11 Oct 2015, 16:39
I have an older sister who is 30 and married and an older brother who is 26.

11 Oct 2015, 20:53
I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters. I am the 3rd eldest with a sister and a brother older then me. My oldest brother is 5 years younger then me and the baby which is a sister is 12 years younger then myself. I am the oldest without kids however I have company in the fact that the youngest children don't have kids either. My baby sister is only 17 so I guess that's not much consolation.

08 Dec 2015, 06:41
yeah, i don't have a family tree so much as a family diagram. by my birth mother, i have an elder sister and an elder brother, and out of the three of us, only my big sis has confirmed paternity ... i count her half sister, by way of her father, as my sister. i was fostered with my birth mother's cousin from when i was 11, and she and her husband are who i think of as my parents, and through them i got 4 big brothers ... before finding out there's a fifth that they had before they got married, so he was put up for adoption ... so my answer to the question of siblings can be very, very complicated. two, no six, no, seven, wait, eight .... the response tends to be confusion.
and i'm the youngest of the lot of them.

Spiny Norman
08 Dec 2015, 06:56
My sister and I were adopted out to different families. I traced her 15 years ago and we are still in touch. We have another 7 siblings in America who probably don't know about us. Our birth mother died some years ago, though we have met a number of other relatives in Ireland.

08 Dec 2015, 07:41
I have a younger brother and sister. Brother lives here in Michigan, but my sister is in California with her husband.

Thirsty Fox
10 Dec 2015, 21:49
I have 2 older brothers and a younger sister. I was married for 30 years (wife passed on 7 years ago). My sister married my wife's brother and they had a son who is my nephew but he is like a son as we always lived close by and he spent a lot of time with us. My wife and I never able to have kids.

21 Dec 2015, 02:35
I have one sister who is 13 months younger than me. She is Catholic and is married and has one son.

21 Dec 2015, 13:30
I have a married older brother with a daughter and a baby son, another married brother with two daughters (one a baby) and married sister with a son and baby daughter. They're all in their 30s. (I'm in my mid twenties to give some context). Aside from me (and my wife) my brother with the two daughters and his wife are the only non-Christians.