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03 Nov 2015, 16:45
I just wanted to say im finally back and i can finally post now that i have a new computer as my old computer blew up not long after joining this site

just wanted too as i cant remember if i properly introduced myself hahaha

im 21 engaged to my beautiful partner as of almost 2 weeks ago, male

i am also a professional tarot reader and hope to expand to bigger and broader readings and im quite an adept herbalist

03 Nov 2015, 17:33
Greetings and welcome ... Congrats on your engagement ... herbs are a good thing to have an affinity for ...

04 Nov 2015, 00:08
Welcome and congratulations on your engagement :D

04 Nov 2015, 03:34
Welcome back!

04 Nov 2015, 03:50
Welcome back! I'm pretty new here, and also good with herbs, punnily enough. Congratulations on being engaged!

05 Nov 2015, 05:32
Welcome back!

10 Nov 2015, 13:12
Welcome back and congratulations on your engagement!