View Full Version : Greetings from England.

Spiny Norman
15 Nov 2015, 23:01
Hello all, I've have recently begun exploring paganism and have initially been researching Druidry. I have Irish roots and a deep reverence for nature, though I am not theistic. I have a strong background in Buddhist meditative practices.

I look forward to learning more. :)

15 Nov 2015, 23:23
Welcome Porpoise! Fellow Brit here (could you tell?)

Hope you enjoy the forum.

Spiny Norman
16 Nov 2015, 01:04
Hi Briton, I hope the weather is good in woody south England! I live near the sea and enjoy walking by it ( though not in it ) and keep an eye out for seals and porpoises. I'm also an amateur astronomer though a big wimpish about standing around in the cold. ;)

16 Nov 2015, 01:33
Whereabouts are you to see seals and porpoises? If it weren't so cloudy in England I'd be a bit more into astronomy lol

B. de Corbin
16 Nov 2015, 02:43
Hello, Porpoise!

Welcome to the monkey house!

16 Nov 2015, 12:09
Welcome to the forum, Porpoise! :D

16 Nov 2015, 12:15
A warm welcome from the very-east east-midlands good sir. Not a fan of astronomy but I do watch clouds when I'm bored ;P

16 Nov 2015, 12:16
Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy it here!

16 Nov 2015, 15:08
Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy it here!

17 Nov 2015, 04:01
Hello and welcome! I have a past in Buddhism too. :)
It will be interesting to read about your journey to paganism!