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06 Dec 2015, 05:05
Does anyone have experience with the subject spread? It's the first one I'm working on and I want to make sure I'm tracking correctly.

The spread is in the shape of a hexagram - six positions on the outer perimeter, with a seventh position in the center.

Position 1 (Masculine) - outward, assertive aspects
Position 2 (Feminine) - inward, passive aspects
Position 3 (Masc) - what Masculine give Feminine (I interpret this as those Fem aspects the Masc side brings forward)
Position 4 (Fem) - what Fem gives Masc (what Masc aspects the Fem brings forward)
Position 5 (Masc) - negative aspects of the Masculine
Position 6 (Fem) - negative aspects of the Feminine
Position 7 - Alchemy of Creation. Here you may have up to three cards (what dictates that number?)

Those are very abbrieviated descriptions, I know. I'm just looking for any insight from experienced readers.


06 Dec 2015, 18:36
I don't understand this spread. This spread is to complicated. What's the purpose of this spread again?

06 Dec 2015, 19:45
It's used to give answers in cases where opposites or extremes are pulling in separate directions, primarily. The first six positions show the conflicting aspects. The 7th is the alchemy - the changes that one needs to work on to bring the rest in balance. It's also good to get a generalized reading of personal characteristics, which is what I've used it for thus far, instead of specific questions.

06 Dec 2015, 20:03
Ok. That makes sense.