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Thirsty Fox
07 Dec 2015, 05:56
I am sort of new to this in that I have always had an interest in and practiced some forms of Paganism. I just hadn't really realized that what I was doing and feeling was called Paganism. So now that I see this whole new world out here I am starting to study it more and see how and what fits.

I am not sure where I fit in in the Pagan family

I will tell you that I do not find myself attracted to the old gods of Mythology, even when I try to move in that direction.

I have always felt my best when close to nature. I feel a particular closeness and kinship to Foxes and Turkey Vultures and have since I was a little boy. I try to learn something from these relationships. I would love to learn to communicate with them on a higher level.

I believe that there is a spirit world and I expect I'll end up there. I would not be surprised if I have been there before or had previous lives here.

I have recently discovered that I have some kind of affinity with wind. I have been exploring what I can learn from the wind.

I do have a gift with the pendulum and have found water by dowsing.

I have never been one to celebrate Holidays especially of the religious variety but when I look at the Sabbats I get excited about having something to celebrate. Am already planning my own Yulethis year.

Been looking for places and ways to learn more and here I am.

07 Dec 2015, 07:15
Welcome home.

07 Dec 2015, 07:25
Hello and welcome! A lot of us are looking for the pagan path that feels right. Feel free to join in on the topics or ask questions :)

07 Dec 2015, 14:29
Welcome, Fox. There are a lot of good topics here, and many people with many different opinions. I first came here trying to learn my own path, and so have a lot of others. If you don't see what you're looking for, always feel free to start a thread!

07 Dec 2015, 17:18
Welcome, Thirsty Fox!

Thirsty Fox
07 Dec 2015, 18:01
Thank you all. I am happy to be here!

07 Dec 2015, 20:24
Welcome to the forum!

08 Dec 2015, 04:14
Hullo and welcome to PF!

19 Dec 2015, 04:38
Hello thirsty fox! your beliefs sound a bit similar to mine. I have a hard time finding a path for myself because my beliefs haven't been trademarked yet ;)