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16 Dec 2015, 07:14
Hello everyone!

Just a little introduction. I suppose I joined this forum in hopes to discover more about the pagan path. I can't say I am new to paganism in itself but perhaps new to practicing. I wasn't raised any religion in particular but grew up with a few new age concepts. I guess it was good and bad having the freedom to decide for myself what spiritual path to take but I was left with a buffet of religions and lifestyles and didn't quite know where to start.

I dabbled in most eastern based practices such as Buddhism and Taoism but still found that though I agreeded with some concepts others I frowned upon. Not wanting to be a cafeteria catholic where I just pick and choose to follow only the teachings that appeal to me I gave up on my spiritual search.

I tried to go about my life without a sense of spirit but I couldn't deny that there was something else out there, something more than just being born, growing old and turning into compost. I still had memories of seeing my grandmother ( how had passed before I met her ) and the vivid out of body experiences I had as a child, I couldn't ignore these memories.

I know that I believe in energy and I feel my best when out in nature so paganism appeals to me but I have yet to find a path. I prefer to be solitary but like the concept of a pagan community. I don't feel as if ritual suites me and I like to work with crystals, herbs and the elements. The closest thing I can find that fits my path would be green witchcraft but most greencraft tends to have a wiccan influence ( I don't disagree with wicca but it just isn't for me ) so I am kind of at a loss as far as what books to read and how to best educate myself. I suppose this is why I am here :)

Very nice to meet everyone and I look forward to my journey!

Guided by Stars
16 Dec 2015, 10:11
Hi Xylia and welcome! I'm new here as well. Have to say that it was nice to read your intro as I can relate to so much of it. I've been following a pagan path for most of my life (I'm 45) and I still find myself fine tuning things every so often. It's very nice to meet you! :)

16 Dec 2015, 10:15
Welcome, Xylia! I wonder if you'd be happy with Druidry. It's probably the most nature-centered faith you can get. The only book I've read is "The Path through the Forest: a Druid Guidebook", by J. White & G. K. Talboys. There's lots on stuff on-line, ofcourse

16 Dec 2015, 16:27
Welcome! There are a lot of great threads here for learning new things. If you don't see what you need, ask! We have a diverse group of people and opinions.

17 Dec 2015, 01:47
Hi Xylia and welcome!

I've moved your thread from S.A.F.E. to Introductions as S.A.F.E is more for discussions.

I hope you feel at home here and wish you well as you make a path for yourself.

18 Dec 2015, 08:32
Hi David, nice to meet you! I have looked into Druidry but for some reason I am not really drawn towards most European traditions. But I still enjoy learning about their ways. I remeber reading somewhere that most of the Druids passed down their ways orally so it was very hard for us to know much about their practices, what is your opinion on this?

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Hi Guided by Stars! It's bee hard for me finding a set path which is good and bad at the same time ( for me at least ). It's good in the sense that I am free to discover life on my own but bad in the sense that I feel as if I am wondering in circles and can leave me craving a sense of direction.

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Silly me, I didn't realize my thread had been moved to an obviously more appropriate section. At least I don't keep wondering why no one is responding ;)

18 Dec 2015, 08:34
Welcome to the forum, Xylia! I'm sure you'll like it here. :)

18 Dec 2015, 08:42
Welcome to the forum!

18 Dec 2015, 15:20
Hello and welcome my state neighbor! (being next to on top of FL is new to me, so I'm a bit exited)