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06 Jan 2016, 15:38
How do you deal with people who are mentally unstable?

B. de Corbin
06 Jan 2016, 15:46
With as much patience & understanding as I can manage. It's a big part of what I do for a living.

It isn't always easy, depending on the particular manner in which the person is unstable. The ones who hurt inside I am good with. The ones who act destructively - not so much.

06 Jan 2016, 16:00
I deal with the mentally unstable back at vocational service before. Believe me those people are so unstable they act like little kids. They were the age range of 18 to 60. I finally go out of that place when I got a job working at another location.

07 Jan 2016, 01:53
It depends on what you mean by "mentally unstable". I treat people with respect, no matter what there mental status. But given a particular person's needs or ways of communicating, I will adapt my own style of communication to suit.

07 Jan 2016, 02:09
It would Matter exactly what you mean by "Unstable",in the mental health system I met a few people that HAD to be on meds,or they could become Dangerous. Some were on high doses of Thorazine,and I did see a few when their meds stopped working. Best to stay clear in that instance and let the professionals handle them.

07 Jan 2016, 10:07
I find this forum hard to deal with at times as well.

07 Jan 2016, 17:31
I usually just compare notes with them. Just came off a 4-day "episode" myself.

07 Jan 2016, 17:35
I treat them with compassion and the patience I have left in that day. But mostly I can spot a crazy eye and just avoid them at all cost. And I don't make eye contact. You may think this is mean, but I had a mentally unstable mother. A sweet elderly lady who couldn't hurt a fly attacked me at her door with the strength of Thor one time. She didn't recognize me as her daughter while in her crazy episode. Later she had no recollection of doing so.

One second they are harmless. The next second you are an alien and they must stab you in the gut and drag you into their nightmare. It's sad. But I ain't trying to lose my life here.

07 Jan 2016, 17:50
Honestly. It depends on the circumstances. If you have Alzheimer's or dementia or whatever it is and you're cussing at me in more likely to be nicer to you. If you have BPD and are cussing at me because you're splitting between black and white with what you think is reality and such in not going to act so nice.

07 Jan 2016, 22:16
I find this forum hard to deal with at times as well.

I feel this way about you most of the time.

Which leads me to my answer to the OP.

I don't. I let the qualified and trained people do that, while I do my own thing.

Kori Harpoon
07 Jan 2016, 22:29
Like Miss Piggy woe as me? One of the three Mental Illnesses I have a Severe Depression, not just regular Depression. The other two are Bi-Polar Type 2, and I'm Schizotypal. Since the last one less known here is what it is: Schizotypal personality disorder (STPD) or schizotypal disorder is a mental disorder characterized by a need for social isolation, anxiety in social situations, odd behavior and thinking, and often unconventional beliefs.

Yeah I have my problems. But I know them and in some cases even embrace them.

08 Jan 2016, 08:38
Depends on what you mean by "unstable". I can be considered "unstable" if I'm not on my meds (or if my meds stop working). I'm friends with a lot of people with various mental disorders. I volunteer with at least one person who is developmentally delayed in some way or another, but that doesn't make him unstable. With the family I have that's mentally ill, I treat them with kindness and the degree of respect they deserve (another story for another thread). If you mean "a danger to themselves or others", I let someone with the qualified medical background take care of them. I don't fear or disdain people who are considered more unstable than I am, but I don't actively look to put myself in harm's way either.

08 Jan 2016, 09:28
Yeah I have my problems. But I know them and in some cases even embrace them.
It's about how you deal with OTHER mentally ill people.