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07 Jan 2016, 05:18
Members new and old, share with us 3 things about yourself that could be common knowledge and then a unique quirk that would be hard to guess.

1. I'm a fan of Robin Hobb's books. I am working towards owning all her books.
2. I write music. Music and my spiritual health are closely entwined.
3. I came to PF to begin searching for a new form of spirituality. Instead, I have ended up expanding my existing one.

Quirk: I'm fastidious about oral hygiene. At 32, I still have a baby tooth in my lower jaw. The dentist said this is because there is no adult tooth growing underneath to push it out. A quirk inherited most likely from my father.

07 Jan 2016, 06:49
1. I am a big history buff. I never was that way when I was younger, but now I love to read history books like mad.
2. I love reading graphic novels and Hellboy is one of my favorite series.
3. The Saw movie series is my all time favorite. I can watch the entire series all the time.

Quirk: I still write fanfiction even though I am 33 years old. :)

B. de Corbin
07 Jan 2016, 11:55
1. I live in beautiful, though destitute, Northern Michigan.
2. I teach high school English.
3. I'm fascinated by science-y stuff.

Quirk: I collect fungi. Seriously. I really do.

07 Jan 2016, 14:28
1. I'm a pastry cook. And I love all foods. Asian and Italian are my favorite.

2. Originally a Texan now I live in wisconsin.

3. I love reading.

I refuse to eat birds like chicken, duck, pheasant, turkey off the bone. I believe it has something to do with my dad making fried chicken for dinner 2-3 nights a well for 10 years.

- - - Updated - - -

Quirk: I collect fungi. Seriously. I really do.

Aren't you suppose to be sending me some sir?????

07 Jan 2016, 14:47
This won't be easy for someone who shares so much about themselves on this forum. Things I don't think I've mentioned though..

1) As of 3 days before the end of 2015, I can now read all and write most of the 2136 jouyou kanji (Chinese characters classified as general use and taught during compulsory education in Japan). I can also read and write a handful of none jouyou kanji.
2) Last year I taught myself to speed read in order to increase neuroplasticity having discovered this could improve my ability to learn and use Japanese. Since then I've taught myself other mental tricks and can now recite all the facts from several episodes of QI, in the order they appear and including names, dates, places and statistics. I've started learning to memorise the order of decks of playing cards too. All to keep my brain firing on all cylinders!
3) I have spent the last few weeks reading my forum posts and journals etc from last year and drew up a month by month pen picture of my life in 2015. I can say with absolute certainty that I am far healthier in mind, body and spirit, than I was this time last year!

Quirk: I'm a bit of a clean freak, but I don't want people to think I'm a clean freak. So I deliberately leave strategically selected 'clutter' lying around. For example. If I know someone is coming over but I've just cleaned the flat from top to bottom, I'll put an empty cup and saucer on the draining board, because I'm the kind of gal who doesn't need to wash her dishes right away! I'll place my keys on the table in the hall, maybe with a hat, and I'll open a magazine and leave it on the coffee table as though I was just reading it. I think it's because I don't want it to look like I just cleaned because I had guests coming over. A bit of clutter looks more like we just live like that!

07 Jan 2016, 17:08
1. I suck at sharing information about myself (like intros or meet the staff... Notice how there is none for/about me?)
2. I love it when people play with my hair.
3. I hate taking baths but love hot tubs.

Quirk: I'm gonna have to come back to this another time.

07 Jan 2016, 17:27
1. I love reading. Not only books, but graphic novels/comics/newspapers as well. My favourite writers are Edgar Allan Poe and Álvares de Azevedo. "Blankets" (Craig Thompson) and "Sandman" (Neil Gaiman) are two graphic novels with a special room in my heart.

2. I'm always trying to learn new languages. Besides Portuguese (native) and English, I can speak a bit of German and Spanish (not fluently, though). When I was 10 years old I tried to learn Japanese, but I gave up after two years and now I can only remember some basic sentences and recognise Hiragana/Katakana characters. I can read basic Italian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish as well, but my knowledge in these ones is really poor.

3. Music is the only thing capable of helping me in any situation - therefore, I have tons of playlists for all moods. My father is a music freak, so music has been with me since I was a baby.

Quirk: I love delicate feet. Idk, I just love them.

07 Jan 2016, 17:32
1.) I play Guitar and 32 string and 47 string Harp and sing, I even have a soundcloud
2.) I speak 4 languages (elvish is one though I guess its not a real language) and I am learning a 4th
3.) I draw and paint but hardly ever share my work

Quirk: I sometimes feel I am too selfless but I can't help it, I put others needs and happiness above my own because I feel it's the right thing to do.

07 Jan 2016, 17:32
Quirk: I collect fungi. Seriously. I really do.

Uh not under your toes or between them, right? right? :confused::p

1. We all know I'm my own personal zombie expert in all things zombie literary related. I don't really care for zombie movies though.

2. I am a die hard nin/manson/tool fan. To this day I listen to one of them daily.

3. I love all things spicy!

Quirk you may not know? If I stub my left foot on the sidewalk or grass or whatever, I must stub the right as well. It's my small form of I dunno, ocd? Like I stop all that I am doing and must make sure if my left foot hit the bike pedal, my right foot must do it. I have to have that symmetry, but only with my feet and not my arms etc. I realize others may say the term ocd is thrown around too loosely. But in this case this small thing will rule me till it's done. Even if it's minutes later, my brain is still tallying up if things went even with my feet or not.

07 Jan 2016, 17:49
2. I am a die hard nin/manson/tool fan. To this day I listen to one of them daily.[QUOTE]

Maynard James Keenan is one of my future ex-husbands. How I love Tool. On good days on bad days. I blare them when its perfect driving weather with the windows all the way down singing at the top of my lungs. All Hail Tool.

Katie Fae
07 Jan 2016, 21:42
1. I disliked my name for a long time, for a couple of reasons. Especially, as a child, it bothered me when my relatives would do the southern thing and call me by my first and middle names together, with their Texan accents; growing up there the first 17 years of my life, I never had the accent. It just sounded so bumpkin to me! I've also always thought it looked and sounded awkward, being a 4 letter first name, 3 letter middle name and 4 letter last name; too many short names always seemed ... I don't know, choppy? LOL Anyway, once growing into my spirituality and developing a love for and connection with the fae, I'm thrilled at the realization that my name translates to Pure Fairy Hill. :)

2. I'm actively planning to someday open a gift/consignment-of-sorts/metaphysicalish shop. A total girly store, but of course the men folk aren't barred or anything (unless they obnoxiously complain aloud to their wives, which I loathe encountering while shopping in feminine environments). The consignment part will be to help out fellow handmade artisans; a certain percent (which I haven't determined yet; ideally, the majority though) of my store's products will be handmade. I want to do more than just take my percentage of profits in turn for the space to sell their items. I want to help promote them on my shop's social media pages and hold in store events where they can demonstrate/give samples of/talk about their items and companies. The ethic is to support buying from handmade artisans, small businesses and locally when possible. It won't be a full on, true metaphysical shop, but there will be some metaphysical and new age items and services. Bath & beauty, home & garden, artsy/crafty and spiritual things. The motivation is to every day immerse myself in all the things I love and share those things with others who get joy from them and also to someday honor and remember the happy memories of quality time spent with my mom (who's still alive) going to all our favorite shops with those same elements. Also, factor in my life path of 5 that I'm aiming to live more in accordance with. I'm the freedom loving/needing 5 and have always had an entrepreneurial/wanna be my own boss and call the shots nature, so I've been determined to have my own business for years now. It wasn't until much career oriented soul searching over the last year that I discovered I'd like to own a gift shop.

3. Going with the career talk, I'm certified and/or licensed at three things I only briefly pursued and don't plan to again (at least not as careers). I'm certified at medical billing and insurance coding, which only ever landed me a medical records position at an outpatient medical facility; it didn't even involve billing/coding work. I'm certified in beauty and fashion makeup artistry and spent the last 5 years putting too much time, energy and money into that only to end up broke and burned out. It's an oversaturated industry and add to that the consumer fooling commercialism of the cosmetics industry that leads women to believe that they can do it themselves with all the precision and skill of the pros with this gimmick product and that innovative device (which ends up robbing professionals of opportunities where their expertise is needed) ... don't get me started on Youtube makeup "gurus"! As if that weren't enough, in a last ditch effort to rekindle my waning love for the beauty industry, I decided to take an esthetician course, because I had been wanting to add skincare as a foundation to my makeup knowledge. I completed that and passed state board receiving my license. My first room rental situation, working in a salon was a negative experience and was the straw that broke the camel's back. That's what sparked the career soul searching and led me to what I've decided to pursue. I need something that is primarily mine and isn't heavily reliant on cooperation from others to execute (at least not as reliant as in my former vocations)!

Well, number three sure was cathartic! LOL

Quirk: The middle toe on my right foot is shorter than the two around it. One of my exes used to tease me and call it my Texan toe (implying inbreeding). My mom says it's a German descended thing some of the women in her family have/had.

08 Jan 2016, 02:11
Let's see now...
1. I get into Amazon or Zap (an Israeli site, like Amazon but is active in Israel) for fun, even if I don't need anything.
2. I'm lazy, but when I have a purpose, I do everything I can in order to achieve it.
3. Juni doesn't know i still sneak in for her cats when she's asleep or not at home. The dog stays silent cuz my eyes glow out of amusement. My.... PREEECIOUS (eco: "PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS...")!! Also I might have given the dog a snack.

Quirk: I have adjustment issues. Which is a real drag. :(

B. de Corbin
08 Jan 2016, 03:17
Uh not under your toes or between them, right? right? :confused::p

LMAO - while I do have a yellow toenail, it isn't an official part of the collection.

I prefer the Fungi perfecti to the Fungi imperfecti, although I confess to an interest in slime molds (http://slimoco.ning.com).

08 Jan 2016, 03:32
Why am I not surprised that you collect fungi,am I psychic,or is it just you have one growing right there on your forehead....:rolleyes:

08 Jan 2016, 07:32
3 things that could be common knowledge

1) I love pizza more than is healthy
2) I am at times a secretive bastard
3) I enjoy older star wars characters

1 quirk that would be hard to guess:

Ermm, my hard to guess quirks are probably hard to guess by design therefore secretive bastard bylaws dictate that I not answer this.

08 Jan 2016, 08:26
Like Jembru, I share a lot about myself, but let me think of what I don't (often?) talk about:

1. I'm genderfluid and prefer to be called "they". (Note--if you've called me "he" or "she" in the past, don't worry. I'm not going eat you for it).
2. I always have something playing--be it a movie, music, let's play, whatever--because not having a background sound makes me hyperfocus on every tiny noise.
3. My favorite food in the world is rice, because it's so versatile.

Quirk: Even though I call myself a skeptic, I'm also terribly superstitious. I don't open umbrellas in doors, I never toast with water, I throw salt over my shoulder if I spill some, I know I'm going to have a bad day if I put my shoes on the wrong feet, etc. A black cat crossing my path is good luck, though. Every time I'm at the shelter, a black cat crosses my path and if I'm there, I know at least part of my day will be wonderful.

08 Jan 2016, 08:40
Ermm, my hard to guess quirks are probably hard to guess by design therefore secretive bastard bylaws dictate that I not answer this.
Because then you won't be Masked anymore. ;)

08 Jan 2016, 08:46
I share a lot, too.
1. I'm a very friendly loner. I like people a lot, in small doses.
2. I like animals even more, and in bigger doses.
3. I really like healthy foods, also in big doses!

Quirk: Once something goes wrong with something, like an appliance, etc., I become hypervigilant about it. I don't really trust things to work the way they're supposed to.

08 Jan 2016, 08:56
Common knowledge:

1. I'm quietly rebellious. I flaunt a neck tattoo and refuse to wear ties to work.
2. I'm an Italian linguist
3. I enjoy playing guitar - blues, rock (classic & alternative).

quirk: I enjoy listening to opera

08 Jan 2016, 09:36
1. I like to study and observe people and their behavior.
2. The human mind interests me
3. Im an asshole

08 Jan 2016, 09:45
1. I like to study and observe people and their behavior.
Me too.

3. Im an asshole
No you're not. You're great. Cuz I said so. :3

08 Jan 2016, 09:45
1. I like to study and observe people and their behavior.
2. The human mind interests me
3. Im an asshole

You forgot to put a quirk (and I don't think you're an asshole).

08 Jan 2016, 09:58
1. I'm a go to guy for English language questions. If I don't know the answer, I'll know how to make a good one based on a variety of reliable sources.
2. I love woodland and trees so much, I went to college to study forestry.
3. I love British prehistory and folklore, and my head lecturer knew it after just a month.

Quirk: My sexuality is complicated and nobody close to me knows what it is because I can't explain it even to strangers so I don't even try. I can use straight forward language but nobody so far has taken what I say at face value and interprets what I describe based on their own assumptions, ignorance or experiences. Only humans, I might add...

09 Jan 2016, 08:29
This is difficult. But let's try.

1. I'm not an active pagan but still interested (or even obsessed) about religious themes, folklore and mythology on a non-spiritual level.
2. My long time nickname is "Emperor" which is kind of silly because I'm don't have any kind of authority at all. Even kids sense that. :D But somehow the same stuck with me.
3. I hardly ever make any plans. (If worst case scenarios don't count.)

Quirk: My eyes have different shapes and they usually look in different directions which makes my face look (even more) like it was built from the leftover pieces. (That's also why I've posted only weird pics of me on this forum!) I'm far too aware of it because I know my wandering gaze and babyface in general affects the way people treat me.

10 Jan 2016, 05:16
1. I was a soprano in an opera when I was a kid ( The opera was for charity, and the foundation it made startup funds for is still running)
2. I study bits and pieces of everything and try to clarify my knowledge whenever possible but am most comfortable as a disputational philosopher
3. I enjoy cooking but can't leave a recipe I am cooking for the first time alone - I have to add something to it.

Quirk: long fuse - nuclear temper. Last time I lost it was wen a guy I'd asked to leave the pub for being a douche headbutted me - I kinda over-reacted (Didn't get in trouble thankfully) I slammed him into a wall then into the gate and held him there while I opened it with one hand. I'm about 70-75 kg - he was 110+. The police picked him up for violating parole. one of his conditions was no alcohol or drugs.

Optimistic discord
10 Jan 2016, 11:29
1: I am a registered veterinary nurse, and have now scrubbed into over 400 total hip replacements.
2: I love the coast, and hate that I no longer live next to the sea.
3: I am orally attentive. If I did not control myself I would probably go around licking/tasting playing with most things in my mouth. Its the main reason I got my tongue pierced.
( it has had its uses)

- - - Updated - - -

Doh put my quirk as number three.

3: I love rock/metal. I love probably all music , depending on my mood and the situation. My friends at university were horrified when they discovered a Celine Dion album in my collection ��

14 Jan 2016, 02:39
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Doh put my quirk as number three.

3: I love rock/metal. I love probably all music , depending on my mood and the situation. My friends at university were horrified when they discovered a Celine Dion album in my collection ��

Your quirk!!! That is quirky!! :p I hope you keep your teeth clean :D
My bet is the Celine Dion album was the one with the Power of Love on it?

Optimistic discord
14 Jan 2016, 18:44
It was the album with Immortality on it.
Always keep my teethe clean �� these days I am a lot better at resisting the urge. Chewing gum can help, failing that people have to put up with the occasional clacking of my tongue bar.

24 Jan 2016, 17:02
1. I graduated with an Associate's Degree in Photography.
2. I have a weakness for throw blankets and pretty notebooks.
3. Between my husband's immediate family (parents, siblings, and their significant other/children) and my immediate family, there are almost thirty people. It makes holidays and birthdays quite interesting.

Quirk: When I get angry, I tend to deep clean the kitchen and/or living room. I usually end up cleaning the kitchen, and if I'm still furious, I'll expand until the anger burns out. It's been going on since I was a teenager.