View Full Version : The fates!

19 Jan 2016, 06:20
I think it is appropriate to have this as a state thread. This isn't about people who annoy you, but to vent about Sod's law, if the course of time has committed done injustice, the whole 'you wait an hour for a bus and three turn up at once!' sort of thing, and we can share in your frustration.

I'll start...

I spent a year and a half in contact with a bespoke furniture maker with the prospect of a privately organized apprenticeship. It seemed like I was being constantly palmed off with 'come back later'.

I realized I wasn't going to get an apprenticeship in timber framing or anything similar so I went for my current course, forestry, at college, which I am enjoying greatly (nobody is going to keep me away from cutting up wood!).

I JUST got an email from the new workshop manager saying they've got a position open and asked if I wanted to pop in for a chat! Argh! *angry face*

19 Jan 2016, 16:32
Briton I think your best course of action would be to follow your heart on the matter. Sometimes the fates lead us in alternate directions because the direction we were heading was not the right one for us at the time. Where you are now in your life, whether you are content/happy, is more important, I think, than where you could have been.