View Full Version : Astral Projection Attempt?

06 Feb 2016, 05:19
This morning I tried theta wave binaural beats to try and help to to achieve astral projection.

It led me to have a series of foggy, not so vivid lucid dreams which I would wake up from very easily when I didn't want to. In each of the dreams, it was as if I was projecting (but I know I wasn't as I interacted with people I know in them as if I were just in the waking world.) I kept climbing out my bedroom in them.

Between the dreams, there were times where I was in my bed, vibrations overcoming me. I felt ready to separate, but could not manage to make the split. As I tried to will myself out, I could feel my PHYSICAL body moving, but it was heavy like lead and very tingly like pins and needles. Every so often I'd wake up and groggily find myself in an awkward position in my bed, and felt almost as if I was paralysed. I'd bring myself back to my original position and get myself back into my trance.

On some occasions when I was in my trance, I asked spirits or beings to help me, and I felt a presence and could sense a white light was with me, and I was filled with this positive feelings, but I just couldn't make the split.

Does anybody have any advice for separating? Does it sounds like I was close, but just need more practice?

10 May 2016, 02:37
Just more practise. Sorry you didn't get an earlier response!

20 May 2016, 00:05
In my experience, I'd only know that I split out when I start to see, hear or experience weird things. I cannot consciously walk out when I'm still aware of my efforts. That will simply tie me down.
And yes, you'll need a lot of practice. It's about conditioning your brain to be more in control of itself and it's not easy.
Back at the early stages of learning, I'd lose focus over the smallest things, like an itch on body parts, or noises from the street. Mind you, when you're in state of meditating you become more sensitive to your surrounding and aware of your brain activities (which tends to get reaaaallly busy, exactly when you need it to be quiet).