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03 Mar 2016, 17:31
So one of my good friends (lets call him Robert) is (or well was- I'll get to that) a Wiccan- and he was actually the one who introduced me to and convinced to me take the jump into spirituality/paganism- I was too scared to.
So really, he's the only reason I know any of you. Now for some of you I imagine this makes you want to punch him, as you find me annoying. I can understand that stance :3

Today, I went on his Deviantart, and I thought someone hacked his account. His page was COVERED in bible quotes and "child of the lord" things. I went to his journals to see what on Earth was going on, and he said he was becoming a Christian again. The journal said that he was going to burn his altar and all of his pagan books, and it said he was going to go to a reverend to officially become Christain again. NOW.

I don't care what religion my friends practice. The only reason I'm concerned is because this is NOT like him. He was SO PASSIONATE about being a Wiccan. He LOVED it. He would talk about it constantly. He was so dedicated, especially to his witchcraft. He wanted to learn how to use tarot cards, and I just...
Don't get it. He always told me how Christianity made him feel worthless. He disliked it as a whole, and he made fun of it all the time. I don't understand where this came from.

I was ESPECIALLY shocked that he said he was going to BURN his altar. Dear gods.... he loved his altar so much. He worked so hard to make it perfect, and he took all kinds of beautiful beautiful pictures.

I just... the way he's talking, he sounds like he's been brainwashed into this. I have this uneasy feeling that this wasn't his choice...

I don't know what I should do...

B. de Corbin
03 Mar 2016, 17:42
Don't do anything. It sounds like he goes on flings.

03 Mar 2016, 18:57
Smile, nod, try and support, and hope he doesn't turn into my friend who went back to being Christian after introducing me to pagan paths just like yours and start a witch hunt on you. That's literally about all you can do.

03 Mar 2016, 20:17
This brings back memories of my Doper friends back in the 70's suddenly becoming "Born again" I don't know why,but it happens with people sometimes,they just go hog wild for religion(many verities) and become super pious and judgmental of other beliefs(Example in Taliban destroying other religious monuments,also ISIS) Explaining this is almost impossible,it just happens sometimes.

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Also,welcome back CJ,I missed your typing here..And I promise not to do what your friend did Kiddo.

03 Mar 2016, 20:27
I agree with everyone else. You really can't do anything but be supportive.

03 Mar 2016, 23:06
Personally, I think magik and offerings/prayers to the gods are worthless. The gods don't care what we do. If you want to pray/make offerings to them then fine, but don't look for anything in return. Maybe he got tired of his magik not working, Maybe he just wanted a change, who knows. Your job in this is to become as educated in Christianity as you can. You don't want him going off and hating/judging others. At the same time you'll want to understand him and his path as much as possible. Just my experience but Christians tend to be the least Christ like people I know. At the very least you need to try to talk to him, not to make him pagan again but to understand where he is on his new path, and to make sure he isn't turning in to a hater.

If he is going against what many deem to be moral(anti-gay, being judgmental towards other people and religions) behavior you must be educated enough in Christianity to set him straight. Personally I think the book of Matthew in the bible is a good place to start reading, as it gives many examples of Christ being understandable and forgiving. I'd start reading there. But most likely he's fine, he just found a new path. I wouldn't worry about it too much till you talk to him. Try to be open minded and understanding, you haven't lost a friend he's just changed. Although it may call in to question your own path, try to be open minded about that too. What does it mean to you? His change most likely isn't a threat to what you believe, it's just a change. We all must find our own way in this world. This is just him finding his way. Hopefully he'll gain a greater understanding of himself and others, as will you, from this.

I know it can be difficult to see someone stray from the path you saw for them, but it's his life. He has to make his own choices, and you have to make yours. Don't make your choice be one of judging him, let it be acceptance and understanding. Be his friend in this. He most likely misses what he gave up to be who he is, that includes missing old friends like you. Be supportive. Let him know you are there for him. I bet he'll appreciate it.

Just my two cents, what do I know?

03 Mar 2016, 23:39
He was SO PASSIONATE about being a Wiccan. He LOVED it. He would talk about it constantly. He was so dedicated, especially to his witchcraft.

Some people are like that. They are passionate about whatever they are into. Perhaps that's why he seems to be so into Christianity now.

04 Mar 2016, 15:35
Be there and be compassionate. This might be his new path. If it's not, there's gonna be some serious emotionally fallout, and he'll need a friend that understands.

04 Mar 2016, 18:49
I forgot that this might not be his new path. He might just be trying things out.... my bad

04 Mar 2016, 19:59
Well it's your friend decision. If he want to convert himself into Christianity just let him be. As his friend just try to be supportive.

04 Mar 2016, 20:29
Honestly? Be his friend until he tries to convert you. Then ditch him.

04 Mar 2016, 21:11
I understand how fundamental some Christianity denomination is. But like I said before it your friend choice to make that decision.

06 Mar 2016, 09:16
Thanks to all of you for your advice :) It really helped me a lot... I'll always support him. Hopefully he'll find happiness and contentment on whatever path he may go down.

And I missed you too Anu, haha. Your sense of humor never ceases to make me smile.

06 Mar 2016, 10:51
Glad I could be helpful...and do not be a stranger...

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Just this idea,if your beliefs suck all the joy out of your daily life,then it might be time to examine why you believe them.