View Full Version : Online Poker!!!

06 Mar 2016, 23:39
Anyone else here play online poker. I do. Bought in Friday and lost 16 bucks before winning back 3. Today I lost a few bucks but won back 28 bucks overall. I'm a winner! Hooray!

06 Mar 2016, 23:46
I use to deal professionally at a casino in Biloxi but never been much of a player. My son's mother used to be a dealer for the World Series of Poker tour.

My problem with poker is that I think I am a far better player than I actually am.

07 Mar 2016, 14:23
lol at thinking you're a better than you are. Thats why so many players lose money.There are a ton of poker books out there, each with a lot of advise to make you a better player. Cool about you and your mom being dealers, it's harder than it looks.

07 Mar 2016, 16:24
I play online, but not for money. I'm more enthusiastic than I am skilled.

07 Mar 2016, 19:10
I don't play online poker but I do play poker in real life at the casino. I'm a loose-aggressive player when it comes to playing poker.