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B. de Corbin
14 Apr 2016, 01:39
...even if you don't have school age children:

A Coordinated National Effort to Decimate Public Schools (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/randi-weingarten/a-coordinated-national-ef_b_9683210.html)

The Broad plan, and others like it, funded by groups such as the Walton Family Foundation, are instead part of a coordinated national effort to decimate public schooling by rigging the system against neighborhood public schools and the students they serve.

Here’s how it plays out: Politicians slash public education budgets, remove local control, implement flawed educational practices, and then sanction and shame the schools that have been put through this crucible. Invariably, education “reformers” follow, pushing charter schools as the “solution” — with the predictable press releases highlighting long waiting lists as proof that parents want charters.

A charter school in our district (the only one) recently closed down, and their students transfered to our school. We fiund that they averaged between 2 and 3 grade levels behind our students.

Is this what we need for our future?

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Another REAL conspiracy:

New Documents Show Oil Industry Even More Evil Than We Thought (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/oil-cover-up-climate_us_570e98bbe4b0ffa5937df6ce)

That 48-year-old report, which accurately foreshadowed what’s now happening, is among a trove of public documents uncovered and released Wednesday by the Washington-based Center for International Environmental Law. Taken together, documents that the organization has assembled show that oil executives were well aware of the serious climate risks associated with carbon dioxide emissions decades earlier than previously documented — and they covered it up.

Do you know of any other ACTUAL CONSPIRACIES?

No stupid lizard alien things or masonic takeovers to entertains the idiots, but real conspiracies that people should be aware of?

Post 'em here!

14 Apr 2016, 03:19
I think this will be an interesting thread,or some secret society will kill it off...or just stupid people will..that is all..

14 Apr 2016, 03:28
I'm not even positive it's a totally American problem. British Columbia has seen its education budgets cut over the past decade and a bit, and more and more parents are moving to private schools and calling for an equivalent to charter schools, which the Liberal (who are actually rather right-wing and not affiliated with the federal Liberals) government happily agrees with. Funding for private schools has been increased over their time in government.

Sweden's charter school system is often seen as a model, even though its education system is in a considerably worse state than before it was implemented. The problem is, charter schools can often pick and choose their students and are good at manipulating stats, so it's hard to get a real picture of how the average student performs in school. At least we have Finland, though.