View Full Version : Just was thinking,how does NEW science stuff effect you?

20 Apr 2016, 19:41
Ok,we all enjoy all the Newest breakthrough,the new cool toys(Robot cars,hand held entertainment,cool online stuff) BUT at times does it catch you off guard? Do you sometimes go,WOAH..and feel a bit overwhelmed by the speed of change?

This thread I hope will be a place for people to express the effect of these fast changing times,and how people react to all the new stuff.

I myself,at times find it hard to keep up(But I am a bit of a dinosaur anyway) So,how do you handle the changes(cue David Bowie's "Changes")

Your views and reactions.

20 Apr 2016, 19:46
It sometimes astonishes me how far technology has come. Some of the medical advances (e.g. A temporary "tatto" that highlights your veins) sound straight out of sci-fi.

20 Apr 2016, 19:53
Is that the kind of Video on your skin thing,read about that one too.
Right now its the virtual reality thing(I remember playing Doom when it first appeared,and getting kind of lost in the 2d 3d effect) I mean I got sucked into that "Reality at first,and it was weird,can not even begin to imagine the effect of virtual reality.

Sean R. R.
21 Apr 2016, 08:26
Being a video game lover, I am completely mesmerised by VR technology. I'm seriously planning on saving up 3500€ to set up my gaming computer and hardware (2500€) and the HTC Vive VR set (~1000€) by december or february next year.

Apart from that I wait for widespread practical application of scientific advancements to allow myself to be more than slighlty interested.

21 Apr 2016, 08:38
You my friend just want to "jack in" like Johnny Mnemonic from William Gibson. Can't remember the guy that lived plugged in all the time.

About the book here..Neuromancer (http://www.williamgibsonbooks.com/books/neuromancer.asp)